Target soon to arrive in Canada


This is just a quick post to let you know that Target is soon to arrive in Canada. Target Corp. is planning making a strong push too. 200 stores are expected to be built in Canada starting 2014-2015 according to the Financial Post’s October 6th, 2010 edition. The second-largest mass merchant in the United States after Wal-Mart has plans to establish itself throughout Canada, starting in the Greater Toronto Area. This brand is always pretty aggressive in terms of having strong promotions, they always have good coupons available.

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Target’s headquarters has probably heard about the fact that their store is a really anticipated arrival by Canadians. Their presence at the International Council of Shopping Centres convention in Toronto was widely discussed in mass merchant circles since it’s the first time they show such significant signs of interest towards establishing themselves in Canada. Also, probably because Target’s presence would tremendously change the retail game in Canada.

All right, so just make sure you are ready for their arrival in Canada. We will definitely follow the news related to this subject. We will definitely keep you updated. If you are still interested in finding the nearest store from your home have a look below.

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