Synovate Canada

Synovate Canada

We are lucky to be the first not only to introduce but to review “Synovate Canada”.

Like anything people have good and bad experiences, as Synovate has been around a while in the rest of the world we thought it would be prudent to give you a balanced and different perspective of this famous company and their introduction into the Canadian market with Synovate Canada, what they can do for you, what you can do for them and why.

Synovate Canada Review

Pro’s for Synovate Canada


– Get to play with new products before they come out on the market and have a say in their development.
– The chance to win huge rewards every month including cash prizes of up to $1,000CAD.
– Gain points every time you answer a survey, points can be turned into prizes or cash.
– The average length of a survey is 8 minutes.
– Make Canadian products superior.

Con’s for Synovate Canada

– You have to be 18 years old or older.
– Some people have had a bad experience using Synovate, one such negative (but perhaps bias) opinion can be found here, where a user received a communication from Synovate that was not as professional as he expected.

About Synovate Canada

Synovate is a global market research company and recently opened their doors to accept Canadians to take their surveys. The company specializes in analytical research and finding out what people like/do and why they like to do these things. They use this gained knowledge (which will be broken down into specific genres) and sell it to engineers and designers who will then manufacture products that people actually want, this is a new approach that brings R&D to the forefront of new developments, a pull technique rather than push.

People will sign up to Synovate Canada and answer questions and surveys and will actually go one step further and product test new consumer goods to help in improving designs.

When looking for a survey company individuals should look to companies registered and trustworthy, Synovate Canada is a founding member of MRIA (Marketing Research and Intelligence Association) and has had their privacy policy reviewed by TRUSTe.

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