Stratford Shakespeare Festival Promo Code

Stratford Shakespeare Festival

Update: New promo use coupon code; 34513 if you are a new customer to get further discount.

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival had a goal of getting 12,000 facebook fans, and they did it. What does this mean for customers? Well now you get to watch the performances for only $12 on May 3rd and 7th for the play “As You Like It”

To let you know how much of a good deal this is, the regular tickets for this play cost about $75. This promotion is for ALL SEATS while supplies last. This is what you have to do;

1) Create an account at
3) Enter code 32770 in the promo code field.


  1. mpak says:

    doesn’t work

    • Anne says:

      Sorry to hear that it has expired. This was for the 2012 edition, but we couldn’t find any coupon for the 2012 one.
      Anyone found one?

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