Retire Your Ride Program: Free Rewards

Retire Your Ride

I just heard about this great Canadian program managed by the Government of Canada and the Clean Air Foundation to get rewards when you recycle your car and I thought you might like to hear about it. This is to get off the road the high-polluting cars (1995 models and older) to improve the air quality. You can click on the link below to see if your vehicle qualifies for the program and also to know where to bring the car in your province. This might be the right time to recycle your old car and help improving the air quality for a better Canadian environment. You have until the end of March to apply to the program.

And you can choose what reward you would like to get in different categories such as bicycles, electric transportation, transit, auto manufacturers, car share or even cash rewards. These are different for each province, so check the following website for more information on what rewards you can get for recycling your old car.

Get more information about the Retire Your Ride program

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