Letter from Santa for Free

Letter from Santa

Every kid would like a letter from Santa, and every parent would like to give their kid a letter from Santa, but who want’s to pay for it? Now you can get a letter from Santa for Free.

Simply go to freelettersfromsantaclaus.com and enter your child’s name, age, any accomplishment, presents and address, whatever message you want in the card and your design and you can print out the letter (you can also email it, but what kid would believe that Santa uses email). One thing the letter doesn’t come with is a North Pole postage stamp, that is cool and I believe you can pay for that on the web, but this one is free, if you want to post it to yourself you can. If I were you I would simply put it in an envelope and pretend it came in the post (it’s not lying if you have already told your kid Santa is real anyway).

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