Holsted Jewelers Coupon Code – Expired!

Holsted Jewelers

HolstedJewelers.com don’t often have big deals so when you see one you make good use of it. Here’s a coupon code to get a 30% discount on gifts from their online store, we also have some exclusive codes to get 20% off selected items.

Promotion Expired!

Holsted Jewelers have been selling direct to consumers selling fashionable jewelry since 1977. Since moving online they have expanded their product range and have brought some of their unique product lines to the internet. They offer some great offers like free shipping, BOGO, and 50% off at select times of the year. They accept Canadian visitors and take many payment options. They target budget jewelry shoppers, but do offer some diamond and platinum products, although most of their pieces start at a low price point and use metals such as silver and gold.

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