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Oranges anyone? This special site was a favourite at my last office; HaleGroves.com is an amazing site which allows you to buy oranges in nice quantities online, not just any oranges, but the best. You can choose from the widest array of oranges known to man, and they ship globally (inc Canada).

Promotion Expired!

Hale Indian River Groves is located in Indian River County near Vero Beach and Wabasso, the very heart of the famous Indian River Citrus Belt; a relatively small but premier citrus producing area in Florida. Hale Groves is fortunate to have a special combination of rich soil, ample water supply, and moderate climate, very rarely reaching a freezing temperature. All this, combined with their modern grove management, are contributing factors that make their oranges and grapefruit the juiciest and best tasting you will find. HaleGroves.com is where they sell their citrus fruits and their fruit baskets are amazing!

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