Gadget Town Coupon Code – Expired!

Gadget Town sells everything you might need, or as they say ‘all you need in life’. This is an online store that really has everything from electronics such as MP3 players to car accessories, health & beauty products, toys, jewelry, shoes and a lot more. The coupon code we have below will get you 10% off and a free gift on your entire order of $89 and over. Gadget Town ships from the U.S so you will need to pay handling and duty fees and shipping to Canada should cost you about $19.99, which is quite expensive.

Promotion Expired!

You have two different places where you can enter our code and redeem your discount: either enter it before checkout where it says Gadget Town coupon code or at the end after filling in your personal information where it’s written Gadget Town redemption code. I wasn’t able to figure out what was the difference between the two, but both of them seem to work.

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