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Cineplex.comCustomers have until tomorrow (December 31st) to enjoy this promotion where you can get one free movie download whenever you buy one (a bogof promotion). The offer is not valid on rental movies unfortunately, it’s restricted to the purchase of download versions. I did a quick comparison between the prices of Cineplex download movies’ and DVD prices from and I was really surprised by how expensive prices are at For example you will need to pay $19.99 to download Sex and the City 2 while you can get the DVD version for only $9.99 at Obviously you need to take into consideration shipping costs to get your DVD but as Amazon is still running their free shipping promotion on any order of $25+, it’s easy to buy a few items and not pay any shipping fees at all.

At least this buy one get one free offer brings down the movie prices at to a more reasonable level, but you can only enjoy it for 2 more days so hurry up.

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