Coupon Code – Expired!

So in the spirit of being officially lazy, my battery for my Mac ran out today so I decided to actually get a new one so I can stay in the coffee shop just that little bit longer, but it’s cold outside so I went online to hunt for a place to get cheap batteries that get delivered quickly and low and behold I found the perfect store called Seriously the internet has solved all but the mystery of life, but also made us completely lazy, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What’s more is that I found a coupon code to get myself another 10% off the battery. So here is is for all to share to get cheap batteries online in Canada and the states. They mostly sell Laptop batteries, but you can probably find batteries for anything at the store.

Promotion Expired!

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  1. Thomas Jameson says:

    I have to say you were right, found myself in the same predicament and used the code and it worked! Thanks!


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