Accessory Geeks Coupon Code – Expired!

Updated: 27th October 2011

Accessory Geeks is dedicated to being one of the leading Internet based retailers with a wide selection of cell phones and iPod accessories. On this site, you can find virtually any model out there at very interesting prices. To make it even more interesting we have a bunch of great “Accessory Geeks Coupon Codes”. The first one will get you 12% off all DataPilot products, the next one will save you 10% off all batteries, also you can save 20% off all wired headsets and finally you can save 5% any Dicapac Waterproof Case.

Promotion Expired!

Also, constantly change their sale items available, some of the best deals are listed below, these are good until 1/15/2010:
– Best Deal of the Week: Blackberry Bold Twin Desktop Charger at $22.99;
– AppleSauce Polish Scratch Removal Kit at $22.99 Nyko;
– Xbox360 White Charge Base at $29.99;
– iPhone 3-in-1 Car Kit at $29.99;
– Motorola h12 Bluetooth Headset at $34.99.

Sometimes it’s great to be connected with geeks, not only does this site have some amazing deals, it also has a customer service that will answer all of your questions. It doesn’t matter if it’s product inquiries, compatibility or installation issues they can answer it all in the time it takes to say geek. Finally, on this website the promotions are labeled as “Accessory Geeks coupon” or “ coupon code”.

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