$1.94 HDMI Cable

HDMI CableNow we don’t usually blog about products on sale but when this one caught our eye we had to share it as we bought it too. HDMI cables usually retail from anywhere from $35 to $60 depending on the quality and the length but we found one from MonoPrice.com for a 6 foot HDMI cable for $1.94 US.

Now the price is in US but it is nearly par at the moment anyway and the shipping to Canada is around $6 so you’re getting a HDMI cable for around $10 shipped right to your door. Now this is the amazing deal you were waiting for. Remember HDMI cables can be used for any high def monitor or TV, so you can connect your PS3 or computer (if compatible) to a TV or monitor and get a superior sound and graphic show.

Buy Your HDMI Cable From MonoPrice Here


  1. Éric Roy says:

    By the way the name of the business is : A.A Electronics W.
    Url: http://www.aaelectronicsw.com/en

  2. Éric Roy says:

    Just want to share an experience with a Canadian Company a came accros a few weeks ago. They had a promo going and I paid my HDMI cable 6 feet long, 3.25$. They usually sell them for 6.49$ + shipping, which gives a total of around 12-13$. I got my cable in 1 day and it works great. I recommend it to everyone.

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