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ecocentricbags.com Get 15% off on any kids bag with our coupon code below at Ecocentricbags.com. This Canadian company based in Calgary sells all sorts of bags including shopping reusable bags, handbags, backpacks, lunch bags and a few more that are all guaranteed as “eco-friendly”. This means that they have bags made out of recycled materials, but also reusable bags and organic bags made with bamboo or cotton. They’re also a member of the “1% For the Planet Organization” which means that 1% of people’s purchases go to this organization. They then donate it to various environmental efforts around the world. That sounds like a really good initiative to me!!

I had a look to their website and the bags are really stylish, but I think sometimes a bit expensive. I don’t know about you guys, but for me paying $8.50 for a reusable shopping bag + shipping fees, when you can get one for $1 at a store, it sounds pretty expensive. But apart from that, they do have a lot of really nice items and most of them seem reasonably priced. Last but not least, please note that you get free shipping for any purchase of $60 or more.

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Description: Get 15% off kids bags.
Activate: Go to ecocentricbags.com
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Best Before: 30th September

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