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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Happy Holidays

We’ve been talking about Christmas for a while now and just like every year, time flies away so quickly and it is already here. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve yesterday with friends and family and I hope you will enjoy the rest of your holidays.

On the behalf of team:
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday

Freebie from Kotex; for Women Only

If I remember correctly, this is the 12th time that Kotex have offered this freebie for their U products. It looks like they are really trying to push this line of tampons and pads with all these freebie promotions. It’s a good thing for us because it means more free samples from Kotex. I didn’t have any trouble getting mine the last time I ordered them, so simply go online and fill in the sample request form.

The samples are available while quantities last. Last time there were 25,000 samples available so I doubt the promotion is going to last forever–even though there is no documentation about dates on their website. Hurry up if you want to order yours.

These are the freebies you can choose from:
– U By Kotex Cleanwear Pads
– U By Kotex Extra Maxi Pads
– U By Kotex Sleek Tampons
– U By Kotex Click Tampons

Get your freebie from Kotex

What to Buy for Cheap in Summer

Buying products only when they are on sale can make a huge difference in your budget at the end of the year. So being aware of when the sales normally happen (think of this like patterns we have noticed) could help you save a lot of money. The sales tend to be seasonal which means that products normally get discounted at the same period of time every year so understanding these trends means you can plan your shopping around them to shop savvy like a pro.
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Get a $20 Gift Card with your Shoppers Drug Mart Purchase

This promotion only starts on Wednesday 23rd April 2014, but I wanted to let you know about it earlier so you make sure to enjoy it. So this Wednesday only, get a $20 Shoppers Drug Mart card with any purchase of $75+ at Shoppers Drug Mart. And considering the deals going on lately, I would say this is an excellent promotion.

Spending $75 at a Shoppers Drug Mart should be pretty easy as they sell health and beauty products as well as stuff for house care, basically all products that are not perishable and that we can buy in big quantities if needed. I think that the best way to enjoy this kind of promotion is by checking out what’s on sale right now at Shoppers Drug Mart and to stock-pile on these items. We never have too much tooth paste, tooth brushes, toilet paper, dishwasher soap, etc. there are a few terms and conditions on the printable coupon, they are all clearly labelled on the link below, no point in repeating them here.

For those that don’t know where to go, you can find the nearest store here.

Print this Shoppers Drug Mart $20 off $75 coupon.

New P&G Brand Saver Coupons Available in Canada

Update March 20th 2014: Brand new coupons have been released! Take advantage of up to $70 in savings! Act fast!

P&G Brandsaver have released a few new coupons for savings of up to $70, hurry as they won’t be available for long, so go to P&G’s Brandsaver as soon as you have 2 spare minutes to order yours. It really doesn’t take long to do, but it will surely allow you to save a lot of money.

Order your P&G Brandsaver coupons from here

There are many many coupons available (29) but here are some of the top ones that I spotted.

  • Save $2.5 off Bounty
  • Save $1 on Duracell batteries
  • Save $2 when you buy any size Iams dry cat food
  • Save $1 when you buy any Swiffer refill
  • Save $1.5 off Pepto Bismol

There is a limit of 1 coupon request, per offer period, per mailing address. It means that even if you ordered them during the last offer they ran, you can still order these ones.

Build Your Own Website for Cheaper With this 20% Off Yola Coupon

Yola Free Website

Yola is a great website for all the business owners who want to bring their business online. Even though you don’t have a big budget, you will be able to either use the Yola free website design service or buy the basic package that costs only $4.95 per month.

The coupon below are perfect for launching a new business on the web, because you can save on the intermediate package service; Yola Silver. The discount is available until the end of January 2014.

Details: 20% off 1 year Yola Silver with code
Expires: 31st January, 2014
Visit Yola here

Website DesignEven though I write for a website, I’m not a tech person and certainly not a website designer professional. And from what I saw, Yola makes it really easy for everyone to use their services and build their own website.

Just have a look at their tutorials section where they give advice and tips on a big variety of topics. If ever you have any kind of design or functionality questions, this is the place to go to find an answer. Or you can also ask the Yola community forum where one of the members should be able to help you.

More offers and new deals can be found here.

Be careful when choosing your domain name, not to unintentionally choose an inappropriate name. Enjoy a 5 minute break and have a good laugh with this list of apparent inappropriate domain names ;)

Join the Nestle Baby Program and Get Freebies

I’m reposting this for new eyes as one of my friends recently had a baby and was checking our site for baby related goodies and didn’t see this offer which is still valid (it’s been valid for years, let’s hope it stays that way). So here’s a quick post to tell you how you could get freebies from Nestle Canada. The program will help you to get the following: coupons and samples, the ‘nestle Start Healthy, Stay Healthy’ baby feeding guide, diaper bag with change pad, a sample of infant formula (milk based or a soy based) and customized emails with tips, tools and videos.

If you’re interested in signing up to the program, it takes around 5 minutes, simply use the below link. This really is a good tool to save money as a mom/dad and enjoy some freebies without even having to order them.

Sign up to the Nestle Baby program here

Are you enrolled into the program? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts about the Nestle Baby program here. From feedback the pack usually takes quite some time to arrive, maybe a month or more, so plan ahead.

Enjoy 10% Off the London Pass (Limited Time Only)

10% Off the London Pass

To celebrate the New Year, the London Pass is now available for 10% cheaper with the sale they are running from Saturday 11th 2014 to Monday 13th January 2013. If you miss this date then we also grabbed a coupon from our dedicated page for the London Pass, I’ve put it below for convenience. Get your pass now and enjoy top activities in London without spending all your money on them.

Details: Get 5% off.
Expires: 31st January, 2014
Visit London Pass here

And for those who have already been to London, you sure know that spending money isn’t a hard thing to do because everything is so expensive.London

Just in case you’re preparing a little trip to London, here are a few interesting facts that I collected on Wikipedia:

  • It is the largest urban zone in the European Union
  • It is the first city to host the modern Summer Olympic Games 3 times
  • There are over 300 languages spoken in London boundaries
  • The population is 8,278,251
  • It has 43 universities which makes it the largest concentration of higher education in Europe
  • The London Underground (also known for its famous ‘Mind the Gap’) is the oldest metro in the world

Now is actually a good time to visit the city. As the country seems to be recovering from the economic recession at a good pace and the vibe in London right now is pretty positive. If you’re serious about this pass, then stop by our London Pass regular discounts page for more offers.

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