The team behind Voucher Codes Canada searches the internet daily for coupon codes and promotional offers to help Canadians save money and shop online and in-store for less.

If you have found a coupon please share it with your fellow Canucks by quickly sending us an email or filling out our Submit a Coupon, or please contact us for any other inquiries.

The Team

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The Voucher Codes team consists of a small group of people, all avid bargain hunters unwilling to pay the listed price on anything. Our combined passion in finding the best and all possible valid coupons and discounts in Canada is unsurpassed. Visitors will see articles, tips and posts written by a bargain hunting gang whom are well known and respected in the coupon community.

If you would like to join the team and enjoy saving money and spreading the word, please contact us we are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to help educating people about couponing.



He is the savvy shopper who originally started Stephen, also known as Steph, now writes from time to time here on the blog, but he’s mostly working to find the latest coupons and deals as well as keeping up with the newest Canadian online stores that launch. If you want to know what are the latest trends of online shopping in Canada, ask him, there is literally no research that he doesn’t love!

When Stephen is not working, he can be found snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking or playing the latest Call of Duty game.

Favorite online stores: Amazon (love/hate), Asos, All saints, Expedia and Wayfair at the moment

Special talent: This is a good one. I do have a super power, and it’s the most rubbish super power you could ever imagine; it’s the power of smell. My nose is super sensitive to smells (the good and the bad) and I can tell things like the direction of a smell from distance. As I said before, it’s not a great super power or even a talent it can actually be extremely annoying, I mean anything would be better than the power of a heightened sense of smell right?

Superhero you would like to be: Iron Man. Because he is a real person (thus probably wouldn’t die prematurely from stuff like radiation poisoning), he is rich (most of it self made) and is a technical genius (something I would love to posses).

Favorite Place in the World: My parents old house (the one that I grew up in), but I guess I can’t choose this one as I will never be able to go there again. So I would say hmmm. This is a tough one, I have been to so many amazing places but I would say this secret beach my girlfriend and I found in Hawaii on the north shore of Kauai, it was just so beautiful, there were turtles, an abundance of fish, and no one was there, it was all ours (for a week anyway). If I had to choose that is the place I would be right now.

Place you would like to see: There are loads of places on my bucket list. I want to run on the great wall of china (actually run) and to see Lake Louise in Summer, Fall and Winter, I just can’t put one place at the top of the list, sorry.

The Office

The Office

We recently moved to a new office (you should have seen the mess in the other one ; ) and so far we managed to keep this one neat and organized. Our office is based in one of the coolest areas in Montreal, which makes it fun to come to work everyday. Anyway, who wouldn’t like to do what we’re doing?

How it Works

how it works

There are many ways in which we find and share coupons on this site for Canadians to enjoy. Primarily we have special arrangements with select Canadian stores to distribute their coupons and offers. Other ways include signing up to thousands of newsletters and hand picking the best discounts and then releasing them here. Sometimes our loyal visitors will send us discounts they have also found on the web or have been provided with (this is always appreciated).

Once we have a coupon we will update the relevant store listing page here on, for a complete a to z of all the stores that we regularly update coupons for visit our A-Z of Coupons section or try browsing Canadian coupons by category. Visitors can simply reveal the coupon, copy it and paste it at the desired store’s coupon section.

If the demand is great we may write a new feature on the site for a store, or if the brand isn’t as big in Canada or perhaps they don’t release codes regularly we will write a bargain blog post, sometimes we even write a blog article about a discount for which we have already updated our store listings, we do this so new eyes can see the deal (otherwise how would visitors know there was a new offer?) as well as listing more valuable information like the T&C’s for that deal as well as our own humble opinions.

Other important sections of the website are;

Frugal Tips; this is an interesting section and as varied as they come. From money saving tips, to more fun things like how to make toys and spring cleaning ideas, expect a fun and fact filled read.

There are many other parts of the website for users to enjoy, the ones above are our favorites, but we do encourage first time visitors to read our Privacy Policy and T&C’s. Users can also use our search box to search by brand, product, coupon and more.

Website Software and Functionality


There are many sections of this website, as we have tried (and continue to try) to make navigating the various areas of the site easier. We use WordPress as our interface and have customized many features to what the software has to offer both in terms of aesthetics, usability and functionality (especially when it comes to plugins). The most notable change is that this site does not use ‘tags’ as a means of navigation, we found that both us and users were not using them to their full potential, and we thought from an organizational standpoint we could do it better using something custom.

There are many upcoming upgrades to the website including technology features like a forum for our community to grow at the pace users want. Expect to see this feature and more over the coming years. If you have a suggestion that you believe is missing from this site or the industry in general then please let us know and we will see if we can make it happen.


The fastest way to contact us is via email.


Every shopping holiday we send out the much anticipated newsletter. Visitors can subscribe to the newsletter in the sidebar or the footer, it’s a double opt in newsletter so be sure to activate your subscription.

The newsletter contains a bit of everything, from tips, coupons, freebies and sometimes exclusive offers only available to our newsletter subscribers.



This website has been running since the beginning of 2009 and we hope with our community’s great support we can continue to do so and at no cost to the visitor. We try to limit the amount of advertising on the website, as we find banner ad’s annoying, but the website doesn’t update itself. So we may have a couple of sponsors as well as potentially Google ad sense advertising on the website, most importantly for some stores we also use affiliate links from which we earn commission.

We are very open about how we make money in order to keep the website free for all visitors and because we think transparency leads to a better internet.