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Free Stuff

Like everyone VoucherCodes loves free stuff, here we list all the free stuff we can find, including free trials, samples or products.

If you’re lucky you may get free music downloads or free extras, if you find any other freebies on the web send them our way to share with other Canadians.

Free Asana Yogurt

April 8, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free Asana YogurtGet a coupon to get a free tub of Asana yogurt. There are 100,000 coupons available so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment on this page if ever they have ran out of stock when you tried to get one. Asana yogurt from Yoplait is supposed to contain 3 times more calcium than other yogurts. It looks like these products are just getting healthier and healthier every day, it’s crazy. With omega-3, probiotics, calcium, etc. What’s next? It’s not that I don’t like eating healthy, it’s just that I’m wondering if all these nutrient additions are that good for us.

Get your free tub of Asana yogurt coupon

Free 10 Song Spring Mix from iTunes

April 7, 2011, Posted By Anne

iTunes Free Music‘Like’ the iTunes Facebook page and receive a coupon code to download a 10 song spring mix for free! The mix includes songs by Amos Lee, Cuty Copy, White Lies and a few other artists. To enjoy this offer you need to have an iTunes account and it’s only available for the Canadian online store. The promotion runs while codes are still available, so hurry up if you want to enjoy it as I’m guessing that the codes are going to be distributed pretty quickly.

Get free music from iTunes here

Free Hard Taco in Taco Bell Restaurants

April 6, 2011, Posted By Anne

Taco Bell freebieThe free taco promotion from Taco Bell restaurants is starting tomorrow! Show up in any Canadian Taco Bell restaurants between 3pm and 6pm and get a free hard taco. This fantastic promotion is running until the 13th of April. Only one taco per customer per day. Use our link to find the nearest Taco Bell restaurant and enjoy free food for an entire week.

Find the nearest Taco Bell Canada restaurant

Free Purex Complete with Zout

April 4, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free Purex
This freebie is for a free sample of Purex Complete detergent with Zout. Click on the following link, fill in your personal information and allow 6-8 weeks to receive your sample by mail. Don’t forget to uncheck the box if you don’t want to receive other promotions for Purex products. I think that it’s a 2 minutes well spent.

Get your free Purex sample here

Free CCM T-shirt and Hockey News Magazine

April 3, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free CCM t-shirtBuy a box of Honey Bunches cereals and get a free CCM t-shirt as well as the latest edition of The Hockey News magazine. You’ll also get a chance to win the ultimate hockey prize pack that includes the following prizes: meet a professional hockey player, a trip for 2 to a professional hockey game, $500 of spending money and a full set of CCM hockey gear. To receive your freebies, click on the following link and enter the codes found on the specially marked box of Post Honey Bunches of Oats. The contest and promotions ends on June 30th, 2011. Good luck everyone!

Get your free CCM t-shirt here

Free Pack of Maynards Swedish Fish

April 3, 2011, Posted By Anne

Maynards Swedish FishI love candies, but I even love them more when they are free! ‘Like’ Maynards’ Facebook page and get a chance to receive a free pack of Swedish Fish. When I found out about this freebie I thought that it was a really cool one, but I kind of changed my mind after understanding how to get the free Maynard candies… So here’s how it works, you need first to ‘like’ their FB page, then you need to play the Fishy game and solve the situation to get a chance to win a pack of candy. They are going to distribute 2,000 samples per week for 4 weeks in a row. The offer expires on the 26th of April. If you really fancy free candies and you have some time to spend, you now know what to do.

Go to Maynards Facebook page

Free Pioneer Gourmet Coffee Sample

April 2, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free Pioneer CoffeeI think that Pioneer Coffee really understood how to sell their coffee to Canadian customers, as they are now offering free coffee samples. This means that we’ll get the chance to taste their coffee blend and hopefully for them, we’ll like it enough to buy it next time. So use our link located below if you would like to try Pioneer coffee for free. Plus, what about you let us know what you thought about it? I’ve never tried it before so as soon as I receive my sample, I’ll let you know if I liked it or not. Enjoy your free coffee everyone!

Get you Free Pioneer Gourmet coffee sample

Free Loulou Magazine Subscription with Purchase

April 1, 2011, Posted By Anne

Loulou MagazineFor all the Fruits & Passion products fans out there, you could now get a free Loulou Magazine subscription with your purchase from their recently launched online store. Whenever you fill up your cart at with more than $40 worth of products you will get as a bonus a 1-year subscription to Loulou. That’s a pretty sweet promotion I think and you have until the 24th of April to enjoy it.

Shop at Fruits & Passion Canada’s online store

Buy One Get One Free Aero Mint Chocolate Bar

March 31, 2011, Posted By Anne

Aero Mint Chocolate BarUntil April 25th, buy one Nestle Aero mint chocolate bar and get one free when using this printable coupon. If you’re a big chocolate fan, this is a perfect offer for you. Plus enter your product UPC to get a chance to win a 2 city glee concert tour. Only one coupon per customer and offer valid exclusively in Canada.

Print your free Aero Mint chocolate bar coupon here

Free Bowling for Kids 2011

March 29, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free bowling for kidsThe free bowling promotion is back this year starting on May 1st. This means that your kids can play two free games of bowling every day at participating bowling centers. There are different children age limits restrictions that have to be respected in order to enjoy the free bowling promotion depending on where you register. You also have the option to buy a family pass if you would like to go and play with your kids. Simply use the link located below to choose a bowling center near you and then register online to get your pass.

Register to Canada

Free Bumper Sticker

March 28, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free Bumper StickerSome people just love bumper stickers and they almost have an entire collection of them on their car. If that’s your case you’re probably going to be really happy to hear that you can now get a bumper sticker for free when using the below link. The sticker is called ‘Give Wildlife a Brake’ and it’s from The Humane Society of the United States. This is to sensitize people to careful driving during spring and fall seasons when more animals are active. You can get one free sticker per household when filling in the request form.

Get your free Give Wildlife a Brake bumper sticker

Free Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins

March 26, 2011, Posted By Anne

Aquafina PlusThat’s a nice Saturday morning freebie offer! ‘Like’ the Aquafina Facebook page and receive by mail coupons to get two free bottles of Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 calories. This promotion is to celebrate the launch of this new product and convince customers to give it a try. If it’s free, why not? I’m always happy to taste new products when we don’t have to pay for them of course. In addition to liking them on FB, you will also need to answer a few quick questions. The following link will bring you to Aquafina Facebook page to get you started and order your coupons right now. That’s a limited time offer only, so hurry up before they run out of stock.

Get your Free Aquafina Plus+ Coupons here

Free California Road Trips Magazine

March 24, 2011, Posted By Anne

Road Trips MagazineEither you’re currently planning a trip to California or you’re still just dreaming about it, I think this is a freebie that you’re going to like. You can now get, for free, the official California visitor’s guide as well as the California’s Road Trips magazine. These are two helpful resources when you’re planning a trip to California. If you’ve never thought about going there one day, I can probably try to convince you and tell you that it is an absolutely stunning state. I’ve been there a few years ago and I loved it. Plus, a road trip is probably the best way to discover California.

Get your free California Road Trips magazine

Free John Frieda Brilliant Brunette

March 23, 2011, Posted By Anne

John Frieda Brilliant BrunetteThis John Frieda freebie is for a different product than the offer I posted about a last week. This promotion is available when you ‘like’ their Facebook page and will allow you to get a free 7 day trial of John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette product. Sorry for all the blonde and ginger heads out there; you can still order the product of course, but it’s one specifically design for brown hair. John Frieda is also organizing a contest, at the moment, to win a trip for two to New York City, which includes a two night stay at the Surrey Hotel, a VIP shopping experience, dinner for two at a fancy restaurant and a hair cut/colour/style at a famous salon. Click on the link located below to go to John Frieda’s FB page and to learn more about the competition.

Go to John Frieda Facebook page

Free BreatheRight Nasal Strips

March 23, 2011, Posted By Anne

BreatheRightYou can now try a free sample of Breathe Right nasal strips. This products supposedly opens nasal passages to help you breathe better, relieve nasal congestion and reduce or even eliminate snoring. This means that if you breathe better you should normally also be sleeping better. I don’t know until when this freebie is available, so it would be much appreciated if you could leave us a comment on this blog post if ever it has expired. This would stop other from wasting precious time. Thanks.

Get your free BreatheRight nasal strips

Free Coffee at Country Style

March 22, 2011, Posted By Anne

Country StyleFrom March 21st until March 27th, bring in your losing competitor’s cup (in other words Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim cup) and get a free medium coffee at any Country Style restaurants. You can get 1 free medium coffee per losing cup, which means that if for an entire week you don’t win anything with Tim Horton’s contest, keep all of your cups and you’ll be able to get the free coffee at participating Country Style locations. I really like this promotion as for all the customers that might be mad at Tim Horton’s for not winning anything, well they might start to like Country Style instead. That’s really well thought!

Find the nearest Country Style

Free Ziploc Coupon

March 20, 2011, Posted By Stephen

ZiplocThis is valid in Canada and at No Frills only, so if you are not in Canada or don’t have a No Frills near you then sorry :(

Currently (at the time of writing) Ziploc’s are $2.00 each at No Frills and, wait for it…. If customers use this $4.00 WUB2 coupon** they will get 2 boxes for free. Customers have until March 24th 2011 to use this offer as the sale on Ziploc’s ($2 each) ends then. And if you want to know how far you have to travel for the nearest No Frills store you can do it here.

** Note. The coupon is hosted at, it’s owned by Johnson and won’t let us host the coupons, so customers will need to quickly register with their site to be able to print the coupon. Customers can choose not to receive email updates from them and if you ever do receive an email from them you should be able to opt out at any time. Canada

March 19, 2011, Posted By Anne CanadaMint software has now arrived to Canada and I think that you’ll be really happy to hear about this product. First of all, it’s a free product and secondly, is all about making your life easier managing your money. And since we want to help you to make the most out of your money, is a tool that will surely help all of our fellow Canadians to manage more closely their budget. So, here are a few advantages of using Canada, check their website to get more information about this product. I have just downloaded it so I haven’t had time to start using it yet, but from what I’ve seen it looks really well designed and easy to use.

Mint can help you create a budget based on your income and the average amount of money you spend monthly or you can set budgets yourself. You can then track your expenses and stop wasting your money because you’ll now have realistic goals to achieve. Mint Canada also categorizes your transactions in categories such as auto, mortgage, investments, chequing and savings which means that you won’t need to do it manually anymore. Plus, with Mint you can now check all of your financial reports in a single place. If needed you can also set alerts that you will receive instantly on your mobile. Bottom line, all these possibilities make me think that the Mint product is definitely great when it comes to managing budgets and it could definitely help me (and others!) doing some more savings.

Get Canada for Free

Intuit is the company that has designed Mint software and they specialize in money management systems. They are also the creator of all TurboTax Canada software, which are some of the best software when it comes to making your tax declaration every year.

Free PhotoNews Magazine Subscription

March 17, 2011, Posted By Anne

PhotoNews MagazineYou can now subscribe for free to PhotoNews magazine. I’ve never read that Canadian magazine before but from what I’ve seen on their website it looks really interesting. I love photography, so I just used this freebie and subscribed to receive PhotoNews for free at my place. If you too like to check out stunning photos, get tips about how to succeed in taking amazing pictures or learn about the latest technologies available in the world of photography, you’ll probably enjoy looking at PhotoNews magazine.

Subscribe for free to PhotoNews Magazine

Free John Frieda Full Repair Trial Kit

March 17, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free John FriedaThere are 2,500 samples of John Frieda Full Repair treatment available at the moment. Click on our link to fill in the sample request form available on their Facebook page and allow a few weeks to receive the hair treatment kit. I previously ordered samples from John Frieda and they arrived at my place on time. I still haven’t used them though, just imagine how many samples I have at home ;) With the limited number of samples available, you might want to hurry up to order yours.

Get a free John Frieda Full Repair trial kit

Free Purex Complete 3-in-1 Sample

March 16, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free PurexAnswer 4 quick questions about Purex products and receive a free sample of their Complete 3-in-1 Laundry sheets. There is a limit of one sample request per household. You will need to allow 6 weeks to receive your sample by mail. The offer is available while supplies last, so don’t hesitate to make a comment on this blog if ever you weren’t able to order your sample because they ran out of stock. I think that all of our users will much appreciate to have the latest information about this freebie.

Get a free sample of Purex Complete 3-in-1 product

Free Ola Loa Drink Mix

March 15, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free Ola LoaHow about a free drink mix that contains all of the daily nutrients and vitamins you need? Each packet of Ola Loa products is supposed to contain one hand-full of vitamins. If you’re interested in trying this Ola Loa products, simply click on the below link to receive some free samples. You will be sent a confirmation request through your email address that you will need to activate to receive your free samples. The sample request form on their website really only takes a few minutes to fill in.

Get your free Ola Loa drink mix

Free Sample of Gucci Guilty from The Bay

March 14, 2011, Posted By Stephen

Free Sample of Gucci GuiltyCustomers can use this printable coupon (below) to claim a free sample of Gucci Guilty for men at The Bay stores.

It’s funny because I remember about this time last year they released a free sample of Gucci Guilty for women (no longer valid).

This promotion starts on March 18, 2011 and is valid while supplies last. Customers need to visit the Gucci men’s fragrance counter at The Bay and present the printable voucher we have below. There is no purchase necessary, one freebie per customer.

Print The Bay Freebie for Gucci Guilty
~ The coupon or offer is no longer valid, please use the search feature at the top of this page to find new offers

Free Xbox 360 with Purchase

March 13, 2011, Posted By Anne

Telus Free XboxI found a fabulous offer from Telus Canada for customers to get a free Xbox 360 for a limited time only. This Telus promotion is available when customers activate a new Windows Phone 7 handset for a 3 year term contract. So if like me, your mobile contract has ended and you were contemplating getting a new smartphone anyway, that promotion is right on time. Of course, that’s a fine opportunity if you really want to get a Windows 7 phone and not an iPhone. The offer is going on only while supplies last and as it started a few days ago, you might want to hurry up if you want to enjoy it.

Read more about Telus Canada promotion here

Find the nearest Telus store

Free Pureology Product

March 12, 2011, Posted By Anne

PureologyYou want some more free products for your hair? Here’s one freebie from Pureology that will get you free hair care products when you ‘like’ their Facebook page. Sorry for all our freebie hunters that don’t like FB freebies (like me ;) but these days it’s almost just these kinds of free stuff promotions going on. Anyway, free hair care samples are always useful I think as they have the perfect size when you go travelling which means that you can carry them in your luggage on the plane.

Get Free Pureology samples

Free Sample of Chanel’s Sublimage Creme at The Bay

March 12, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free Chanel CremeThe Bay has a lot of freebies going on and I rarely post about them unless I think they are really good ones because you can only claim them in store. I just think that in store freebies are good when you already planned on going to the store anyway or when they are impressive offers. The printable coupon will allow you to get a a free trial size of Channel’s Sublimage La Crème before the end of March or while quantities last. Simply print the coupon and bring it to your nearest The Bay store. This Chanel cream is supposed to be working to fight the signs of aging on your skin and also to help regenerating it. And with a vanilla scent, I’m sure it smells like heaven ;)

Print The Bay free Chanel cream coupon
~ The coupon or offer is no longer valid, please use the search feature at the top of this page to find new offers

Free Business Magazine

March 10, 2011, Posted By Anne

Business Magazine

You can now subscribe for free to Atlantic Business and Natural Resources magazines. These bi-monthly publications have been published since 1989, offer content centered on news and business in the four Atlantic provinces. So if you’re living in one of these provinces and you would like to stay posted on what’s going on business wise in your area, then that sounds like quite a nice freebie for you.

Get your free Atlantic Business Magazine

Spring Activity Book for Kids

March 10, 2011, Posted By Anne

Spring Book ActivtiesI found this really nice book to inspire children with outdoor play ideas. I browsed the activity book and I thought that it gives children fantastic ideas about what to do while playing outdoors. So this might encourage them to go outside more and most importantly keep them busy with educative activities. And guess what? It’s free, which means that you can simply use the link located below and download the activity book and then wait for the snow to melt…

Get a free spring activity book for kids

Claim Your Free Splenda Pack

March 7, 2011, Posted By Stephen

SplendaDon’t try and get this promotion until Tuesday 8th March 2011, that’s when it becomes valid. They usually get the offer live on the site around mid-day and they go quick, so quick in fact that if you are reading this after the 8th of March don’t bother trying to claim the freebie. Livingwell really need to sort out how many samples they get, because at the moment their sample size is so small that only a few thousand can claim the freebies they get which is poor.

This sample size is a little bigger, Splenda have 15,000 free samples and will mail them to your house for free. I claimed this exact freebie nearly a year ago today and it was one of the better samples from LivingWell, the size of the freebie was half-decent and there were a few different flavours which I wasn’t expecting.

Free Splenda Coffee Sample Here

Free Canadian Geographic Map

March 6, 2011, Posted By Anne

Canadian GeographicThat’s a freebie coming from the Government of Canada, more specifically the Canadian International Development Agency. The map you can get is called ‘A developing world’ so I’m guessing that it shows the countries accordingly to their level of development. I wasn’t able to find an online version of the map so it’s hard for me to let you know what it looks like. But anyway, if you would like to have a map for free to help you teaching your kids, then go ahead and click on the link below as it’s totally free.

Get your Free World Map from Canadian Geographic