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April 8, 2011, Posted By Anne

Free Asana YogurtGet a coupon to get a free tub of Asana yogurt. There are 100,000 coupons available so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment on this page if ever they have ran out of stock when you tried to get one. Asana yogurt from Yoplait is supposed to contain 3 times more calcium than other yogurts. It looks like these products are just getting healthier and healthier every day, it’s crazy. With omega-3, probiotics, calcium, etc. What’s next? It’s not that I don’t like eating healthy, it’s just that I’m wondering if all these nutrient additions are that good for us.

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One Response to “Free Asana Yogurt”
  1. I click on the coupon for a free tub of asana yogurt and it tells me the page has expired – that sucks!

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