Zellers Coupons

Zellers Coupons

Zellers is a discount department store that offers low prices on everyday items. Find kitchen, bathroom and bedroom items, among other things, at some of the best prices. Users can also find printable coupons here for in-store discounts.

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Zellers is a department store that offers discounted prices on big name items and products. While purchasing is not available online yet unfortunately, it’s still possible to check local flyers and special deals that are currently available. It’s also possible to sign up for the HBC rewards card via the site.

The website itself it fairly simple and easy to navigate. To view your local flyer, input your postal code and the weekly flyer will appear. A convenient feature when browsing a flyer is the “Add to shopping list” button, which allows you to create a shopping list and then print it for your next visit to a store.

About Zellers

Zellers was launched in 1931 by an aptly named Walter P. Zeller and was originally branded as a “store for thrifty Canadians“, in other words their stuff was cheap as chips. By the early1970s, it had grown into a massive chain to be around 155 stores and it seemed like nothing was going to stop them.

In January 2011, an American company called Target purchased the valuable lease agreements on the by now 220 stores and has now started to convert them into Target locations. What does this mean for the future of Zellers? Well for at least a few years it looks like most of the stores you knew as Zellers will be converted into Target stores. The rest, it seems, will try to stick around as long as they can, but we see it as an end of an era.

What went wrong? Well the domination of some similar American stores like Walmart combined with Zellers declining reputation in customer service were the largest contributors in our opinion, but if you have another we would like to hear it.

How to use Zellers Coupons

When there is a Zellers coupon you would like to use, print it out and present it in-store when you check out. Make sure to pay attention if there are any exclusions or specific details for the offer.

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