NetFlix Canada Coupon Codes

NetFlix Canada Coupon Codes

NetFlix are a subscription service that allows its members to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed to their TV or computer. Make sure that you have the great NetFlix Canada Coupons available below.

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Netflix Review

I was skeptical at first when I heard about their business model, but with more than 15 million members, it simply has to work.

New releases/Classics/TV episodes/movies – These are NetFlix Canada’s featured products. The way it works, their shipping points will send you your DVDs home in one business day. Another cool function, if you don’t want to wait, will let you instantly watch movies and TV shows streaming on your computer. These two offers are independent from each other, meaning that they are both included in your membership but you don’t have to pay anything extra and the quantity of content you stream won’t affect the quantity of DVDs you get by mail.

About Netflix

As I mentioned earlier, NetFlix has over 15 million members, which makes it the largest subscription service worldwide. They have monthly plans starting at $7.99 a month, that will allow members to watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed to their TVs and/or computers. So everything has been thought of to make it effective and we’re in luck since NetFlix is now operating in Canada.

How to use Netflix Coupons

Percent or Dollars off your purchase – NetFlix will mainly have promotions running offering you money off your monthly subscription or a certain percentage off this said subscription. Their prices are pretty aggressive since the way NetFlix works is a fairly new concept. They have a lot of people to convince and the best way to do this is probably by making their offers too good to refuse. That’s the way I would do it anyways. So, the prices are great and NetFlix even offers you a free trial.

Free Trial – NetFlix will let you try their service a month, simply to confirm that you like the whole concept of streaming and receiving unlimited movies and TV shows at home. If you like it, after a month the membership will automatically take effect with the plan you have selected. Don’t worry, you can cancel your membership any time you want and cancel your account before your free trial finishes and you won’t get charged a cent.

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5 Responses to “NetFlix Canada Coupon Codes”
  1. Art Moore says:

    I subscribe to Netflix Canada.
    I understand US version is superior.
    When I travel to US is there anyway I could hook up to US Netflix?

    • Rita says:

      Hi Art,

      While we don’t have the answer to your question here, if you visit Netflix’s official website, there’s a 1800 number you can call at the bottom of the page to ask. Hope this helps :)

  2. Ann says:

    I just subscribed to Netflix services and I absolutely love it. They don’t have the widest selection of movies but it’s so cheap that it’s totally worth it. Thanks for sharing the information about them.

  3. Terri Benkie says:

    where can I see an example of titles available for rent/viewing? We have satalite service, provider is Shaw – is netflix available for us?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Terri. You will need to go on their website, you can just use the link in our post and you will find a detailed list of all the movies/TV shows they have available. Then it’s probably easier to contact them with any questions you have. But with my own experience, it’s a great service.

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