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So this is me, I’m Stephen and this is my Bargains Blog–I started it back in 2009! Although, you may see some of my friends blogging here too.

Find here some of the best bargains for Canadians to enjoy. You will notice coupon codes from some top Canadian brands, but we will also keep you in the loop with all the online sales and deals.

No Lines, No Hassle: Up to 50% Off with Sears’ Warehouse Sale

July 16, 2013, Posted By Rita

Sears Warehouse Sale

Assuming you would have made the decision to attend an actual warehouse sale. Well, you would have had to worry about arriving early, digging through all the boxes to find your perfect match and risking fighting with another shopper over that same item. Luckily, all that hassle can be avoided by shopping Sears’ online Warehouse Sale with up to 50% off in discounts on apparel, footwear, appliance, kitchen items and furniture.

Shop Sears’ Warehouse Event
Expires: 25th July, 2013

T-Fal 9-Piece Cookware SetA good set of cookware is absolutely essential for any cook and T-Fal 9-Piece Cookware set may just be perfect, especially with its reduced price of just $79.99 instead of the regular $199.99. The set includes 2 frying pans and 3 pots, all of which are dishwasher and oven safe to 350°F. Since the pan on the bottom right is actually a chicken fry pan, we suggest trying a new recipe to go with your new pans such as perhaps the Dinner with Julie’s Classy Chicken.

Summer is made for walking and the perfect shoes are just as essential as the proper tools in the kitchen.

Alia Dalia SandalArnold Palmer Oxford shoeAt just $19.99 and 4 out of 5 stars, the Alia ‘Dalia” Slide sandal are sure to impress with their comfort! As for men’s shoes, save 55% with the Arnold Palmer Oxford shoe. Priced at $48.99, their elegance is a perfect match for any suit and tie event or even simply with a great pair of dark jeans and dress shirt.

Have you ever shopped at a warehouse? Tell us about the savings you scored!

Ready, Set, Refresh: Starbucks’ Treat Receipt Is Back!

July 14, 2013, Posted By Rita

Starbucks' Treat Receipt

Mark your calendars coffee lovers as tomorrow, July 15th 2013, brings with it the return of Starbucks’ much anticipated Treats Receipt! Until August 18th 2013, any morning receipt (meaning you can buy anything from a muffin to your daily triple grande vanilla latte with two extra pumps of vanilla and extra foam) that you bring in the afternoon after 2pm will guarantee you any cold beverage for just $2!

And while this offer is only applicable in-stores, we nevertheless would like to direct you to Starbucks’ tumbler section for a unique cup to go with the unique drink(s) you will be saving loads on!

Get a cold beverage tumbler to bring in-stores with your receipt
Expires: 18th August, 2013

Clear Grande TumblerStainless Steel Grande TumblerPersonally, I’m a huge fan of Starbucks’ clear plastic cold cups, which look just like the ones given in-stores but that are much sturdier. However, their new collection of stainless steels tumblers is particularly appealing as well, especially since: “the insulating double wall helps protect hands from condensation while helping to keep your coffee or summertime beverages cold longer“. The form of the cup also ensures ultimate comfort while holding the drink, which is as close to perfection as it could possibly get!

Whether you already have a favorite drink or you’re a Starbucks newbie, there’s definitely something for everyone. In fact, they have added a number of new drinks to their much loved menu, among which can be found the:

  • Valencia Orange Starbucks Refreshers;
  • Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade;
  • Orange Spice Iced Coffee.

Share with us on Facebook which Starbucks cold beverage is your favorite?

Colossal Reductions Not To Be Missed During Hudson Bay’s The White Sale

July 13, 2013, Posted By Rita

Hudson's Bay The White Sale

Following a brief moment of puzzlement as to why Hudson’s Bay would name their current promotion “The White Sale”, especially since personally, I would associate a name like that with a Winter Sale, I, as anyone nowadays would do, Googled it. Turns out that a White Sale is one during which merchandise is heavily discounted for a short period of time in order to boost sales — a win-win scenario for both customers and merchants alike if you ask me!

Nowadays, White Sales typically focus on household items, which further explains Hudson’s Bay current promotion, where among others, 15% off can be taken off home items with use of Hudson’s Bay MasterCard or Hudson’s Bay Credit Card but don’t worry if you don’t have either one of these cards as you can still save up to 65% off select apparel, luggage, watches, jewelry and more!

Shop at Hudson’s Bay’s White Sale
Expires: 14th July, 2013

Hotel Collection Bath TowelsThe key with White Sales is big discounts can be found for a brief period of time, which is why it’s definitely worth a quick browse through. Just take the Hotel Collection bath towels for example. Originally priced at $27.99 for a standard bath towel size, you can one for each member of the family in a lovely blue color for just $13.79 with any other color (slate, ivory, etc.) priced at $19.99 and don’t forget that as mentioned previously, certain cardholders can even benefit from an additional 15% off!

London Fog BagAlthough the London Fog suitcase is worth a buy, especially since it was originally priced at $300, but is now reduced to $120, it is in fact the carry-on bag by the same brand that immediately caught my eye. Featuring unparalleled elegance, it is the perfect size for a carry-on and most importantly, can be yours for $50 instead of $125!

Keep us posted on the incredible deals you find during Hudson’s Bay’s White Sale below!

Puma’s Semi-Annual Sale – Up to 50% Off & Free Shipping

July 12, 2013, Posted By Rita

Puma's Semi-Annual Sale

It’s no secret that oftentimes sales tend to fall flat on their promises of great deals. However, Puma’s Semi-Annual Sale is definitely the exception: with up to 50% off and free shipping available, there’s definitely something for everyone!

Never miss a sale again by bookmarking our Puma Canada page.

Browse Puma’s Semi-Annual Sale
Expires: 14th July, 2013

Swing Tank TopTake for instance the swing tank top displayed on the right. Reduced to $19.60, it’s the perfect gym top as it’s flowy and great at what you’re trying to work off. For a more fitted kind of tank, try the cat tank made of 100% cotton and priced the same as the swing tank top.

As for men, the No. 1 Logo Vintage t-shirt is definitely worth a buy especially at its low price of $19.25 instead of the regular $27.50! Better yet, get two for just $37.50!

Engineer BackpackWith back to school right around the corner, use Puma’s sale to prep your kids while you get yourself a couple of pieces as well! In fact, the engineer backpack is unlike any backpack you might have used as a child: it has enough room for a laptop, features a special sleeve for a tablet and has a number of pockets for all of those extra little things like erasers, pens, candy… okay, maybe not the last one!

Asha BallerinaA great backpack means that comfy shoes are a must as well. Though there’s footwear for both sexes, the Asha Ballerina would look absolutely perfect with just about any of your little girl’s outfits. And best of all? These sneakers are made with a breathable material that provide all around comfort for any activity: whether playing hide and go seek outside or basketball at lunchtime.

Will you be shopping Puma Canada’s Semi-Annual Sale?

Protect Your PC and Save $5 Off ESET’s Multi-User Products

July 11, 2013, Posted By Rita

Eset $5 Off Multi-User Product

The importance of protecting one’s computer is as important as protecting your wallet from getting stolen outside. You wouldn’t want all of your data, documents and top secret files to be lost forever or potentially used by malicious software, now would you?

Take advantage of ESET’s special offer while it’s still available and save $5 off any multi-user ESET product.

Choose a multi-user ESET product here
Expires: 30th September, 2013

In fact, did you know that ESET uses the unique threatsense technology in its protection from viruses?

As we delve deeper into the infinite world of technology, so with it comes an increase in the number of computers per household. The rapid expansion of social media use through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all the others has brought with it an increase in the demand of computers. Gone are the days of one computer being more than enough for the entire family as now each member of the family needs one.

For this reason alone perhaps, we suggest that you consider investing in ESET’s Smart Security with all-in-one Internet security, anti-theft and social media scanner and to be more precise: in their highest multi-user product.

On top of making sure that each PC (and potentially even the next one bought as well) is protected, it also comes out to being a far better deal than for say 2 PCs. If we compare a 2 year plan (which reduces the price by an additional 25%), then the price per PC are as follows:

  • 2 PCs: $52.50 per PC ($26.25 per year);
  • 5 PCs: $35.99 per PC ($17.99 per year).

Eset Smart Security

Have you ever tried ESET’s Smart Security? Let us know your thoughts on it below!

Snapfish Canada’s Incredible Offers: Free Shipping, 35% Off Posters And More!

July 10, 2013, Posted By Rita

Snapfish Canada Free Shipping & 35% Off Posters

Is it just me or is the banner overhead a cuteness overload? Now take a moment to picture your child’s picture maximized into a poster, which can then be gifted to family members or hung up in a family room. Make the moment you just imagined happen and save 35% off posters at Snapfish Canada. If you would rather portray your pictures elsewhere (say on clothes or in a photo book), then use the code below to enjoy free shipping on orders over $30.

Details: Enjoy free shipping on $30+
Expires: 31st July, 2013
Visit Snapfish Canada here
Details: 35% off posters
Expires: 31st July, 2013
Visit Snapfish Canada here

Photo PuzzleMake playtime that much more rewarding with your little one by putting together a photo puzzle of the two of you. Subsequently, glue the finished puzzle into a picture and hang it in the hallway or anywhere else in the house. These two activities combined not only enhance the bonding experience but also gives your child something to be proud of, especially if it’s showcased for everyone to see.

Bag TagFor those who struggle to keep everything organized in a busy household, most notably when it’s time to go on a much-needed family vacation, then use everyone’s picture in a bag tag, which can then be affixed to individual suitcases. In fact, these could even be used for gym bags, lunch boxes… the possibilities are endless.

In case you’re only interested in photo gifts, we also have an incredible code for 25% off!

Save Up to $25 on Home and Office Furniture at

July 9, 2013, Posted By Rita

Cymax Deals

With Moving Day unofficially behind us in Quebec, many individuals and families are undoubtedly in need of furniture as summer is one of the best times to move in Canada. Just in time, shop at for home and office furniture to enjoy up to $25 off with the codes below:

Details: Get $25 off orders of $499 or more on home and office furniture
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit Cymax here
Details: Enjoy free shipping and $5 off orders of $250+ on home and office furniture
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit Cymax here

As usual, these codes are also available on our page for Cymax coupons.

L-Shaped Wood DeskWhether for working from home or for catching up on assignments in the evening, the L-Shaped Wood Desk is sure to withstand countless grueling hours. Even better, it’s currently on sale for just $319 instead of its original price of $459. This desk has even generated very positive reviews, with shoppers noting its durability, attractiveness and easy assembly, most notably for smaller offices.

Granada BenchFor those who already have most of what they need, then perhaps the Granada Bench could make for an interesting bragging piece in the bedroom. Reduced by close to $200, it features Cordillera Pine finish along with upholstered seats — perfect as a statement piece or to actually sit on while the significant other takes too long to get ready!

Let us know on Facebook your thoughts on Cymax’s home and office furniture.
Has anything caught your eye?

Have You Played Them All? 50% Off Any WildTangent Game with the VC Exclusive

July 8, 2013, Posted By Rita

WildTangent VC Exclusive 50% Off

Both hardcore and occasional players alike are certain to find an enjoyable game to pass the time with at WildTangent Games. In fact, we challenge you to play their Top 100 games and to help you out, we have a Exclusive to save 50% off on any game!

Exclusive WildTangent CouponDetails: 50% off any game
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit here

Stay tuned for even more of WildTagent’s games with our page dedicated to their discounts.

Chronicles of Albian 2Among the Top 100 games at WildTangent is Chronicles of Albian 2, which centers around helping Gwendolyn, the Fairy Godmother, prepare of the Official Convention of Magic Masters by finding hidden treasures and repairing the castle.

Another Top 100 game is Awakening: The Dreamless Castle, which is reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty combined with Beauty and The Beast. The goal is to maneuver around the castle by finding puzzle pieces and solving puzzles to ultimately discover the character’s destiny.

WildTangent Games also has a variety of Brain Power Games such as Mahjong Secrets, which adds a clever storyline to the world famous game.

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Will you play them all?

Enormous Savings During Home Depot’s July Boxing Week Appliance Event

July 7, 2013, Posted By Rita

Home Depot July Boxing Week

Although yesterday we wrote about Sears’ Boxing Week deals, the sales certainly don’t end there. In fact, Home Depot is offering shoppers are way to save as well with their July Boxing Week Appliance Event where major appliances have been reduced by an extra 10%

Shop Home Depot’s July Boxing Week deals
Expires: 17th July, 2013

GE fridgeAs we mentioned in our article on where to celebrate Canada Day, July 1st is unofficially referred to as “Moving Day” in Quebec, and is generally one of the best days to move because of the warm weather (moving during the Canadian winter certainly isn’t easy) and perhaps a number of you are in need of new appliances. Save $400 on the GE fridge that also has an internal water dispenser inside.

Match it with the LG oven, discounted by $300 and which is the best for any home cook or baker as it features two ovens in one that can each be configured at completely different temperatures and times.

GE dishwasherFrankly, doing dishes by hand can take up far too much precious time, especially within the context of a large family or even during summer BBQs. Save time instead with the GE dishwasher. Originally priced at $698, it is now down to $548 and a reviewer even commented on its capacity, stating that it can hold three days worth of dishes! I’ll most probably be getting one myself, will you?

Get Your Savings On During Sears’ July Boxing Week Sale

July 6, 2013, Posted By Rita

Sears Boxing Week Sale

Considering that for the Team, December’s Boxing Day and subsequently Boxing Week is one of the busiest and special days of the year, I have to admit that we were all extremely giddy with excitement upon hearing that the July Boxing Week is now on. In fact, one of the best deals we have found thus far happens to be Sears’ July Boxing Week Sale with up to:

  • 55% off select mattresses;
  • 50% off footwear & men’s apparel;
  • 40% off women’s fashions & kitchen items;
  • 30% off appliances.

Shop Sears’ July Boxing Week
Expires: 11th June, 2013

Let us know on Facebook which department you are most in need of savings from?.

Slow CookerOn the topic of kitchen items, for just $22.49, down from $29.99, the Crock-Pot slow cooker is one of those items that is certain to save you and your family a lot of time and hassle. Cooking from scratch every day can have its toll on much needed relaxation time post-work, which is exactly what makes a slow cooker is a worthy investment. Simply loads all the items into it in the morning, set on a low temperature and return home to a ready-made meal that’s much healthier than a frozen one.

For recipe inspiration, we definitely suggest searching Pinterest for slow cooker recipes.

Tag Studio Hipster BottomJolie DressAs for fashion, since there are far too many great deals for us to name them all, we have selected here just a couple to entice you to check them out for yourself!

Considering July is already in full swing and the end of summer is certain to come far too fast as usual, then save on a bathing suit with the Tag Studio hipster bottom reduced by 50% to just $7.49. You could even wear the Jolie dress over it when on your way to the pool or beach!

Did you know that our Sears page is always up-to-date with all of their promotions?

Exquisite & Quality Coffee For Less: 10% Off All Coffees of Hawaii Orders with VC Exclusive

July 5, 2013, Posted By Rita

Coffees of Hawaii Exclusive

From lowering the risk of a number of cancers to improving vascular health, daily cups of coffee have shown to provide a staggering list of benefits. Perhaps this alone should be a motivating enough reason to invest in better quality coffee but just in case, we have also secured for you a Exclusive for Coffees of Hawaii! Save 10% off all orders and get shipping for just $4.50 with the code below:

Exclusive Coffees of Hawaii CouponDetails: 10% off all orders + shipping for just $4.50
Expires: 30th September, 2013
Visit Coffees of Hawaii here

3 Island Gift TinAlthough they have a variety of coffees to choose from, the Limited Edition ones are surely worth a taste. Just take for instance the 100% Oahu Peaberry which encapsulates a full bodied taste with a hint of semi-sweet chocolate — doesn’t it sound absolutely delectable? A coffee like that won’t even need any milk or artificial flavoring!

Considering the vastness of weddings being held in summer, come prepared with a wonderful Three Island Gift Tin, which includes three different coffees to sample from: the Hawaiian Espresso, the 100% Nightingale and the 100% Pōhaku O Kā’anapali.

Pohaku Wedding FavorSpeaking of the last one, the Pōhaku O Kā’anapali is also available as a wedding favor for couples looking to provide their guests with an unforgettable souvenir. As the honeymoon is being enjoyed, you will also be able to think of the way in which guests are continuing to think of the wedding by drinking a hearty cup of coffee the morning after the wedding.

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all of Coffees of Hawaii’s promotion with our regularly updated page.

Are you a coffee lover? Let us know your favorite kind below.

Save Loads with West 49′s Many Deals

July 3, 2013, Posted By Rita

West 49 Sales

With July in full swing, it’s never too late to shop for summer clothes, especially with all of West 49′s deals: 3 hats for $30, free shipping on all Nixon watches, great savings during the Shoe Sale and many more deals to be had! Find them all for yourself at their official website:

Browse West 49′s numerous deals
Expires: Ongoing

Billabong Heatwave Bikini BottomsEscape the summer’s heatwaves with the lovely Billabong’s Heatwave bikini bottoms and get a free beach towel with your purchase! In fact, this special offer is applicable to all Billabong boardshorts, walkshorts or bikinis!

In fact, the Fox Shorty walkshorts for guys are worth a look as they are now down to $29.99 from $59.99.

Nixon WatchSure, the argument can be made that watches are outdated and items of past time; however, on top of being a fast way to look at the time, it’s also a great way to complete a look. Reduced to $175-$225, the Nixon’s The Private SS watch provides a timeless look that may become any guy’s go-to accessory and just in time, all Nixon watches even come with free shipping!

Although Canada Day has come and gone with its many events that are sure to recur next year, today (July 3rd 2013) is the last day to take advantage of West 49′s buy one, get one 50% off in the sale section event. Hurry and be sure to let us know below what you’ll be ordering!

Bring More Back By Saving on your Flight with our VC Exclusive for Globester

July 2, 2013, Posted By Rita

VC Exclusive For $20 Off at Globester

Whether you’re a frequent traveller or simply looking for a new experience this summer, then our Exclusive is imperative for the frugal side of you to use. With flights reduced up to 70% at Globester, book your vacation and save up to $20 along with an instant $10 discount.

Exclusive Globester CouponDetails: Enjoy up to $20 off flights + $15 instant discount and flights up to 70% off
Expires: 30th November, 2013
Visit Globester here

Take inspiration from the 10 Best Travel Destinations This Summer and go on an enlightening road trip! While we weren’t able to book a flight from Canadian soil (let us know if you are able to), our VC Exclusive may be useful for those looking for a cheap flight following a road trip to the United States.

As we’ve mentioned on our Globester page, be sure to check out their blog, which covers a variety of travel-related topics.


Where would you like to travel to this summer?

Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2013, Posted By Rita

Canada DayHappy Birthday Canada! I hope that most of you are on holiday today and is going to enjoy its day off. There are so many free activities organized out there to keep everyone entertained today.

Today, the admission is free to all national parks, marine conservation areas and national historic sites. If you still haven’t decided what you’re going to do today, visiting any of these areas could be a fun activity. Note that only the parks managed by the Government of Canada have free entry, not the ones managed by your own province unfortunately.

For more activity ideas, be sure to visit our “What To Do For Canada Day” guide organized by province.

What do you have planned? Are you going to celebrate with other fellow Canadians? Or are you going to enjoy some time with your family?

Happy Canada Day!

A VC Exclusive for Each of GoDaddy’s Sides: 20% Off & Domain For $7.99

July 1, 2013, Posted By Rita

VC Exclusives For GoDaddy

Popularly referred to as having two sides, the first sexy and the other smart, GoDaddy is the leading domain registrar and web hosting company on the Internet. For all those looking to save on their brand spanking new website, hurry and use our two Exclusives. Just like GoDaddy’s two sides, they’re sure to fit your needs no matter what! One’s for a .com domain for just $7.99/year and the other is for 20% off new products — any small business is sure to score with these two!

No worries if you miss these promotions, be sure to check out our frequently updated GoDaddy page.

Exclusive GoDaddy CouponDetails: Enjoy a .com domain for just $7.99 per year
Expires: 31st July, 2013
Visit GoDaddy here
Exclusive GoDaddy CouponDetails: Save 20% off on new products
Expires: 31st July, 2013
Visit GoDaddy here

With a budget that allows for an ad spot during the SuperBowl, it’s no wonder that GoDaddy features an impressive list of awards from which can be found the Best Registrar Award a whopping 8 years in a row.

GoDaddy Professional WebsiteWith all that in mind, it’s possible you’re wondering how you can use the second Exclusive to your advantage. Well, you could build a professional website without any technical skill and best of all, on a budget! Choose among hundreds of customizable designs and even benefit from 24/7 award-winning support — all for 20% off with the code above!

What are your thoughts on GoDaddy’s products and services?

Relax on a Budget – 20% Off Gift Cards at WaySpa

June 30, 2013, Posted By Rita

WaySpa Gift Cards 20% Off

The price attached to relaxation through spas is but a small one for both the short and long-term benefits. Before it’s too late, take advantage of WaySpa’s amazing deal and save 20% on gift cards.

The best part about WaySpa is that through their partnership with thousands of spas, that gift card opens up a whole world of possibilities as it can be used just about anywhere!

Save 20% off WaySpa gift cards
Expires: Not Provided

Holtz SpaAs I mentioned previously, Parliament Hill is one of the best places to be during Canada Day because of a grand display of fireworks as well as concerts by Carly Rae Jepsen, Terri Clark and Metric. Stay an extra night and visit Holtz Spa to decompress from your fun-filled Canada Day activity.

Featuring a variety of body treatments, facials, manicures and much more, it could most certainly help you relax before returning to work.

Le Spa MidtownSince it’s no secret that the awesome Team is headquartered in Montreal, I just had to include Le Spa Midtown. Though none of us have been there before, that pool sure looks enticing enough, doesn’t it?

They also offer a rather unique treatment: endermology, which removes cellulite and renders the skin softer through massaging technique.

If you happen to miss this incredible sale, keep an eye on our WaySpa page for future discounts.

No Padlock Required – Extra 50% Off Sale Items at

June 29, 2013, Posted By Rita Summer Sale

Celebrate the advent of summer by adding a couple of new pieces to your wardrobe. In fact, add even more to your closet by saving an additional 50% off already reduced merchandise at! Also don’t forget about the $4.95 flat shipping rate, which means that you should order more to really get the most bang for your buck.

Shop’s Summer Sale
Expires: Not provided

Although this sale is pretty incredible, be sure to bookmark our page to stay on top of future promotions.

Parly TopAlthough parly refers to a commune in the Yonne department in Burgundy, France, the shirt’s design of interlocking padlocks is reminiscent of love padlocks, a tradition that lovers have been following all around the world in an effort to lock their love for eternity. While some return with bolt cutters, the question is will you end up cutting up the Parly top?

Either way, at $24.99, experimenting as to whether this shirt will last a couple of years is definitely worth it.

2D 3D ShirtPerfect for any budding rockstar, the 2d 3d shirt features an original design of headphones and someone (just pretend it was drawn with you in mind) standing in the background with a mic. Check, 1, 2 — it’s definitely no mistake, at $29.99, it’s almost a freebie with its awesomeness.

Have you or would you ever fasten a love padlock? Tweet us @CouponsCanada your responses!

Best Deals for Canada Day 2013

June 28, 2013, Posted By Rita

Canada Day List of Best Deals 2013

Officially kicking summer into high gear, Canada Day has brought with it a variety of amazing deals from free shipping offers to percentages and dollars off orders and to help you out, we have listed all the top ones below!
Read Full Entry

Don’t Wait To Get Away & Save 13% Off at (Best Deal To Date!)

June 28, 2013, Posted By Rita 13% Off

The long week-end is almost upon us but have you made any plans yet? It’s not too late to take advantage of’s best deal ever: until July 4th 2013, book any hotel and use the coupon below to save 13% and the best part is that you can travel by November 4th 2013!

Details: Enjoy 13% off
Expires: 4th July, 2013
Visit here

Coast Plaza HotelAs I mentioned in “What To Do For Canada Day 2013“, Canada Place is the go-to spot in Vancouver. Experience the fun-filled activities for yourself and get a good night’s sleep afterwards at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites where rooms start at $167.

Overlooking the English Bay, it is conveniently located in the West End of Vancouver, BC and features recreational activities (nearby boating, golfing, sailing etc.) along with a large variety of amenities and services.

Omni Los AngelesWould you rather venture to the United States instead during the long week-end? No problem! features an abundance of hotels, such as the Omni Lost Angeles at just $154 for those wanting to see LA for the first time (or for the nth time).

Situated in the heart of Lost Angeles, it’s a couple of steps away from Chinatown, the Museum of Contemporary Art and a variety of other key locations.

Share with us below your plans for the long week-end!

It’s Travel Time! Save $15 Off Bookings $30+ at with the VC Exclusive

June 27, 2013, Posted By Rita

CheapOair VC Exclusive $15 Off

Venture beyond your comfort zone this summer and take a road trip anywhere you wish — perhaps even Quebec City or Ottawa! Book with and use our Exclusive to save $15 off a booking of $30 or more.

Don’t miss another one of’s promotions with our page dedicated to their promo codes.

Exclusive CouponDetails: Save $15 off on a booking over $30
Code: vouchercodes15
Expires: 31st August, 2013
Visit here

Hotel Manoir VictoriaBustling with must-see attractions and things to do, Quebec City needs to be experienced by all at least once in a lifetime.

With prices starting at $171, Hotel Manoir Victoria is conveniently located within of Quebec, next to popular landmarks such as the Price Tower and the Artillery Park.

Lord Elgin HotelAs for experiencing the heart of Canada, Ottawa is also another city worth visiting. With an indoor pool, a spa tub, a sauna and even a fitness facility, the Lord Elgin Hotel is within walking distance of the National Arts Centre, Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court of Canada.

From the much acclaimed Canadian War Museum to entertainment, nightlife, festivals and events, Ottawa is filled with things to do as well, most notably in the summer. In fact, plenty of free activities are already set to be happening for Canada Day, all culminating with fireworks at Parliament Hill.

Though the Exclusive coupon is redeemable on any reservation, to book either one of the hotels mentioned within this post, simply click on the Hotels tab on CheapOair’s website and type either Quebec City or Ottawa.

Have you even been to Quebec City or Ottawa? Share with us your experience on Facebook.

Get Ready for Canada Day with Canon’s Specials

June 26, 2013, Posted By Rita

Canon Canada Day Specials

With Canada Day a couple of days away (July 1st, 2013), now is the perfect time to save on Canon products, especially since you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $14.99 along with other great deals namely:

  • 15% off all accessories
  • 5% off non-L series lenses

Browse Canon’s Canada Day Specials
Expires: 1st July, 2013

Deluxe A-Series II Nylon CaseDespite whatever plans you may have already made for Canada Day (or not made yet), fact of the matter is that you simply never know what may happen and it’s best to protect your camera for any unpredictable spills, drops — you name it! At just $16.99, the Deluxe A-Series II Nylon Case is sure to protect most point and shoot cameras, meaning that if you happen to spill you drink while watching the fireworks, then you won’t have a Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea moment.

PowerShot SX50 HSFor those who are on the market for a remarkable camera, then the PowerShot SX50 HS is definitely worth considering. Originally priced at $469.99, it has been reduced to $379.99 and even comes with a bonus 4GB memory card! With an astonishing 4.8 stars out of 5, it includes the world’s first 50x Optical Zoom, 12.1 megapixel camera, 1080p full HD video, and a huge variety of other cool features that you should most certainly check out for yourself.

Do you have a camera? Tweet us @CouponsCanada with the brand you have!

You’ve Found It! VC Exclusive to Save 75% Off at iPage

June 25, 2013, Posted By Rita

iPage VC Exclusive

Creating a website can be a daunting task, especially for the complete beginners out there. Or you may even be wondering if your local business even needs one? The answer is absolutely! As an increasing number of individuals, most notably shoppers, are turning to the web. It has become a vital marketing strategy for anyone with a product or looking to promote themselves.

To help you save as much money as possible in the process, we have secured a Exclusive to save 75% off web hosting! However, in order to gain access to it, you need to input the code below into a restricted area of iPage’s website, only accessible through the link below.

Exclusive iPage CouponDetails: Access the special page to save 75% off
Expires: 30th June, 2013
Access iPage’s secret section here

iPage FeaturesAs much as this might sound like an ad campaign, for just $3.50 per month, you can get all of the features listed on the left and you can even host unlimited domains.

Not only that but they also have a huge list of of other included features and let’s just say that when you take into consideration that it comes out to only $42 per year, then the promotion is indeed rather appealing.

These additional features relate to the website’s marketing, designing, building and much more — all facets are definitely covered.

Please note that once you reach check-out, a couple of what iPage labels as “website essentials” will already be ticked but considering they cost extra, these are entirely left to your discretion and you’re welcome to untick them.

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Happy St-Jean Baptiste Day!

June 24, 2013, Posted By Rita

St-Jean Baptiste Day 2013The team at would like to wish a very happy St-Jean Baptiste Day to all those who celebrate it! Previously celebrated as a Midsummer festival, it is a day filled with merriment, parades and fireworks.

In fact, it has also been known as “Quebec’s National Holiday” since taking a patriotic turn in 1834.

Happy St-Jean Baptiste Day!

Get Fit In Style With Under Armour’s Outlet Event (+ Free Shipping!)

June 24, 2013, Posted By Rita

Under Armour Outlet Event

With bikini season in full swing and The Color Run happening all over the country, it’s never too late to get in shape! As an incentive, shop Under Armour’s mid-Summer Outlet Event for tremendous deals on work-out gear. Until July 2nd, 2013, all orders will even be shipped absolutely free with no minimum required!

If you happen to miss the free shipping offer while the outlet sale is still ongoing, then head on over to our Under Armour coupons page for a code to enjoy free shipping on orders over $45.

Visit Under Armour’s Outlet Sale
Expires: 6th July, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect ShirtNeed more motivation to work-out? Then the “Practice Makes Perfect” t-shirt is right for you! Reduced down in price, it’s not just any regular shirt as it’s designed to wick away sweat and help you stay cool while you experience the work-out of a lifetime. And there’s no feeling self-conscious in it as it’s made loose — can it be any perfect?

Alternatively, the girls’ victory tank is another great choice. Though fitted, it’s definitely worth getting, especially at it’s Outlet price.

Sleeveless Men's ShirtDon’t fret guys, there’s quite a bit for you to choose from as well! Take for instance the sleeveless t-shirt discounted to $14.99, which is sure to make you look super-charged just like Hulk. Its charged cotton is made to ensure that sweat simply rolls off and in the event that you do happen to get wet, either from sweating heavily or dousing yourself in cold water, then it will also dry at super speed.

Perfect for just about any scenario, the men’s utility gloves‘ versatility is sure to last and as one reviewer pointed out, they can even be used to deliver drinks.

Will you be taking advantage of Under Armour’s amazing Outlet Event?

Add Some Joy Into a Loved One’s Life: 15% Off VC Exclusive for

June 23, 2013, Posted By Rita

1800 Flowers 15% Off

Some would argue that diamonds and flowers are a girl’s best friends but what about instances of giving flowers just for the sake of it — wishing someone to get better or as a congratulations following a wedding or graduation. Since flowers are one of the easiest ways to bring joy into someone’s life, order from and save 15% off your order with our Exclusive coupon code.

Exclusive CouponDetails: Save 15%
Expires: 18th July, 2013
Visit here

Vibrant Summer LiliesFlowers aren’t just for giving as you can buy them for yourself as well! Take a moment to imagine how lovely the Vibrant Summer Lilies would look standing on your kitchen or coffee table in the living room.

In fact, among numerous other meanings, lilies symbolize hope, renewal and promise.

Expressions of PinkConsidering that the long winter months often lead to an increased amount of births in the summer, the time may have come to begin thinking about the kind of flowers you will be ordering for the pregnant lady in your life (especially if she’s your partner or wife). For those expecting a baby girl, then the Expressions of Pink featured on the right would look absolutely wonderful. As for those expecting a baby boy, then the New Baby Boy bouquet is certain to look equally as lovely.

If the gender is still a mystery, then don’t sweat it — there are plenty of gender neutral bouquets to choose from such as the Rainbow of Roses.

And the best part? Add a vase to your order for just $9.99 and save on it as well!

Is a joyous occasion coming up in your life? Share with us below.

Calling All Fashionistas: Free Shipping at Guess Canada + Extra 40% Off Sale Items

June 22, 2013, Posted By Rita

Guess Free Shipping

How exciting is it to read the word “Guess” in conjunction with “sale”? For a limited time, enjoy free shipping on orders of $150 or more! The best part is that sale items have already been reduced by an additional 40%, meaning that deals are to be had at every turn.

Details: Enjoy free shipping on orders $150+
Code: GCA150
Expires: 30th June, 2013
Visit Guess Canada here

Fit & Flare Lace DressWith summer being the season of weddings, some of you may be looking for the perfect dress to wear. Look no further as the Fit & Flare Dress would be absolutely perfect, even for any other events you may need to attend (think: baby shower, cocktail party, birthday etc.)

On top of having been featured in Nylon magazine, it features a lace and mess fit-and-flare look and a cutout lower back for just $56.99 instead of its regular price of $108.

Hewitt CarryallChain Necklace with Rings

To be honest, once I laid my eyes on the Hewitt Carryall, I immediately knew that it would soon be joining my handbag collection. Originally priced at $110 and now reduced to $47.99 (an amazing price for a Guess handbag, I might add), it comes in white and the signature 4-G logo print exterior. As a frequent public transit user, the first thing I checked for was a top zipper closure and yes, it does have one!

While we’re on the topic, who says that only women can accessorize? Guys, throw on a pair of dark jeans, light-colored t-shirt and the chain necklace with rings displayed on the right. Reduced to $9.99, it’s sure to be a great conversation starter with the ladies and heck, you could even say that you made it yourself — your secret is safe with us!

Your opinion is valuable to us! Do you like the fashions featured in this post? Would you prefer a different style to be showcased?

Live Life Just Like A Movie Star with an Extra 25% Off Sale Items at

June 21, 2013, Posted By Rita Extra 25% Off

Same as in winter, it’s a known fact that when trying to shop for shoes in the summer, it can be relatively hard to find an incredible deal in-stores. In fact, today is the last day to save an additional 25% off sale items at!

No worries if you miss the sale as this handy code can be used until 2014 to save 10% off all orders.

Details: Save an extra 25% off sale items
Expires: 21st June, 2013
Visit here

Carlos by Carlos Santana PumpsBe reminded of a west side story with the Carlos by Carlos Santana glamour pumps. Though they come in blue, green or multi glitter, our recommendation is the last option to make wearing them with both day and nighttime looks that much easier.

They can be yours for just $63.41 instead of their regular price of $121.32!

DC Men's Flip FlopsIsn’t it incredibly annoying to walk into a store with the intention of buying flip flops, only to practically have your eyes pop out of your skull at the absolutely outrageous prices (sometimes even upwards of $50)?

We’ve definitely all had a moment such as that one, which is exactly why you should take advantage of the code above while it’s still available! Take for instance the DC men’s sandals: originally priced at $34.32, they can be yours for just $15.44!

Carter Kids SandalsLuckily, their incredible selection also includes shoes for kids and the Carter Kids’ sandals are no exception to the amazing deals. Already discounted to $19.12, they can be acquired for just $14.34!

What’s the most outrageous price you have ever seen for sandals/flip flops?
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Make an Impression with and Enjoy Free Shipping

June 20, 2013, Posted By Rita

Vistaprint Free Shipping

When it comes to owning a small business, marketing is key, especially via business cards, apparel, flyers and more. With the code below, you can enjoy free shipping on your first order and most importantly, make your business known.

Details: Enjoy free shipping on your first order
Expires: Not Provided
Visit Vistaprint here

For even more promotions, be sure to take a look at our Vistaprint promotional offers page.

Business CardsWith thousands of designs, Vistaprint’s business cards stand out from the rest. Even better, is that you can customize it to fit your needs: from regular cards to folded ones that stand up on their own and much more.
In fact, business cards don’t only apply to businesses as they can even be used by job seekers who at the end of the interview, can leave their card to not only demonstrate initiative, but most importantly professionalism, which may ultimately help to make a lasting impression.

Custom ShirtsWhat better way to spread awareness about your business, cause, event or anything else than with wonderful-looking custom clothing? And while these can be used for staff uniforms, you could design a couple for a bachelor/bachelorette party or even a baby shower!

Speaking of which, even wedding-themed products can be printed from invitations to date cards, RSVP cards and much more!

No Need to Overpay for Beauty: Enjoy an Incredible $65 Off at Silk’n with the VC Exclusive

June 19, 2013, Posted By Rita

VC Exclusive Save $65 at Silk'n

Feeling comfortable in your skin shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag for visiting a professional, especially when you take care of wrinkles, hair and much more with Silk’n in less time and most importantly, on a budget. In fact, we have secured yet another Exclusive to help you save on Silk’n products and this time bigger and better than before! For a limited time, enjoy $65 off orders of $299 or more.

Exclusive Silk'n CouponDetails: Enjoy $65 off on orders over $299
Expires: 30th June, 2013
Visit Silk’n here

SensEpilPreviously, I wrote about the SensEpil, a handheld device designed to remove hair anywhere. As one of the most popular of such devices, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy permanent hair removal at a fraction of a professional’s cost.

Flash&GoAs for treating more sensitive areas such as bikini lines or upper lip areas, the Flash&Go could be the answer you have been looking for; Avoid the razor bumps and self-conscious feelings for good. And the best part? Pay only $234 with the VC exclusive.

Stay up-to-date with all of Silk’n promotions with our page dedicated to their coupons.

Have you ever tried Silk’n products? Share with us your thoughts on their efficiency!

Build the Laptop That Fits Your Needs & Save Up to $100 with Sony Canada

June 18, 2013, Posted By Rita

Sony Save on Custom Laptops

Mustering the effort to visit an electronics store can require too much effort to begin with but what about having to endure the manipulative ways of the salespeople? No, skip that nonsense by building a laptop the way you want it and save up to $100 at the same time.

Details: Build your own Vaio Tap 20″ inch mobile laptop and save an extra $100 off
Expires: 22nd June, 2013
Visit Sony Canada here
Details: Enjoy an extra $50 off when you build your own Vaio E15″ inch custom laptop
Expires: 22nd June, 2013
Visit Sony Canada here

Mobile All in OneVaio E15Whether your needs call for a mobile desktop such as the Vaio Tap 20″ (on the left) or for an actual laptop, such as the Vaio E15 (on the right), both can be customized to fit your needs: from the processor to the operating system, the software and much more.

A fun feature is the possibility to engrave the gadget of your dreams with whatever you want — perhaps your name, your company’s name or your favorite movie quote!

Speaking of deals, did you know that we also have two Exclusives: the first to save on home theater systems and the second on headphones? Hurry over to our Sony Canada page for the code before they expire at the end of the month of June 2013.