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So this is me, I’m Stephen and this is my Bargains Blog–I started it back in 2009! Although, you may see some of my friends blogging here too.

Find here some of the best bargains for Canadians to enjoy. You will notice coupon codes from some top Canadian brands, but we will also keep you in the loop with all the online sales and deals.

Quality Shoes for Less: Hudson’s Bay’s 30% Off Clark’s for Men at The Bay

March 17, 2013, Posted By Rita

The Bay's 30% Off on Clark's Men's Shoes

To say that Clark’s have been around for a long time is quite the understatement considering that this highly renowned and reputable company actually came into existence in 1825. Since then, they have continuously been referred to as one of the most solid choices when it comes to shoes, and for a limited time, Hudson’s Bay is providing you with the opportunity to save 30% off all men’s Clark’s shoes.

Don’t forget to take a look at all the other savings you could get at The Bay with our special page dedicated to their promotions.

Details: Get 30% off Clark’s footwear for men
Expires: 21st March, 2013
Visit The Bay here

Clark's GoodwinAlthough only a limited selection of footwear is available throughout Hudson’s Bay’s promotion, there’s definitely a shoe for every occasion and personality type. Just take a look at Clark’s Goodwin ankle boot reduced to $112 from $160. Made of a smooth premium leather, they would look fantastic with any suit or potentially even a dark jean and a button-down shirt.

For the men who are confused as to which shoes to wear for which occasion, we suggest you take a look at The Art of Manliness’ Guide to Boots and Shoes for a bit of shoe education.

Clark's CayoThe Cayo flip-flop featured on the right would cater perfectly to that lazy afternoon spent barbecuing and lounging around the pool.

What are your thoughts on Clark’s shoes?

The Simple Elegance Behind J.Crew’s Sweaters — Save 20% Off For a Limited Time

March 17, 2013, Posted By Rita

J.Crew 20% Off Sweaters

Very often, less is more, especially with regards to stylish clothes. With the winter period coming to an end, now is the time to save on sweaters for the next year and you can do so with J.Crew’s splendid 20% off sweaters for women, men and kids.

Save 20% off sweaters at J.Crew
Expires: 19th March, 2013

Jackie CardiganMost certainly drawing inspiration from Jackie Kennedy’s iconic style, the Jackie cardigan in stripe is perfect for the summer months in its simplicity and fitted design. Best of all is that it can be paired with anything: from a nice jean to even a lightly colored skirt for the office days, especially since it stops at hip-level. With anchor buttons and a knitted pattern, it can be yours for only $48.99.

Share with us on our Facebook page your thoughts on Ms Kennedy’s style. Do you incorporate her style into your own?

Men's Cotton-Cashmere V-Neck SweaterThe word cashmere gets thrown around a lot within fashion nowadays, but rare are the people who actually know what it means. In essence, cashmere is the fine hair that comes from the Cashmere goats. Due to the intensive work involved behind the making of cashmere clothing, prices can often be steep but for a limited time, the cotton-cashmere v-neck sweater is reduced to $52.50 — a worthy investment considering the warmth it is sure to provide. Available in an assortment of colours, it will not only look incredible, but it will feel great on your skin as well.

Kids’ sweaters have also been discounted, just take a look at the boys’ cable shawl-collar cardigan at $66 or perhaps even the girls’ tipped v-neck cardigan for $51.50.

Effortlessly Chic with Jacob’s 30% Off Blouses

March 16, 2013, Posted By Rita

Jacob Blouses Sale

Highlighting the simplicity and elegance in clothes, Jacob is the epitome of effortlessly chic fashion. Take your style to the next level and save up to 30% off blouses.

Personally, I’ve had the Jacob promotions page bookmarked for some time now, have you?

Shop at Jacob
Expires: Not provided

Sleeveless BlouseFor a fun style, take a look at the sleeveless blouse for $29.50. With a built-in cami for just the right type of office-appropriate coverage, the entire look is tied together with a contrasting black sash.

The light blue is also a nice way of adding a bit of color to an outfit without going too over the top and it can be paired with a dark beige or black jean.

Tunic Style BlouseThe popularity of the tunic style blouse has not waned a single bit, especially considering it’s a style that has been worn by both men and women for centuries. At $41.93, it features a v-neck along with a fitted silhouette. To off-set the material’s fullness, it’s recommended to pair it with a skinny jean or jean shorts.

Since not all styles are available for order online, be sure to check before setting your heart on the desired item. Also, don’t forget to browse through the entire sale section for discounts on a variety of other clothes from skirts, dresses, dress pants and even jeans and mittens.

Loads of Savings at Penningtons during the Saint-Patrick’s Day Week-End

March 16, 2013, Posted By Rita

Penningtons Week-End Sale

Just in time for the Saint-Patrick’s Day week-end, the savings are pouring in at Penningtons where for a limited time, customers are given the opportunity to save $50 on orders of $150 and more. This fabulous deal is also listed on our page for all of their coupons.

Details: Save $50 on orders of $150+
Expires: 18th March, 2013
Visit Penningtons here

Snake PantsDid you know that according to the Chinese New Year, 2013 is the year of the snake? Maybe these snake pants featured on the right may be a lucky find in itself, especially since when you buy 1 pair of bottoms, you get the other 50% off!

Animal Print ShirtSkirts aren’t off-limits during this special occasion either as this wonderful denim piece is ideal for the warmer months to come.

While adding color to a wardrobe can be daunting, it’s definitely nothing to be afraid of! Patterns and designs on a shirt can be a great way to create a slimming effect, such as with the seemingly cinched waist effect that the animal printed popover blouse creates.

Tweet us @CouponsCanada which sale you will be taking advantage of during the Saint-Patrick’s Day week-end. Speaking of which, have you seen our Saint-Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids Ideas?

Great Savings with ThinkGeek’s 20% Off Site-Wide

March 16, 2013, Posted By Rita

ThinkGeek 20% Off Site-Wide

With great power, there must also come — great responsibility! The same applies to both ThinkGeek and our page dedicated to their coupons as it’s the first time we have seen them run such an amazing promotion: for a couple of days only, save 20% off all items.

Comment below if you know the source of the above quote.

Details: Get 20% off your order
Expires: 18th March, 2013
Visit ThinkGeek here

Superhero Dangle EarringsFor the ladies whose man is the ultimate superhero-obsessed geek (or for those who are geeks themselves), these Batman dangle earrings are perfect for re-watching the pure epicness that is The Dark Knight Rises. These earrings are also perfect for kids to wear, but that’s just a given!

Impress your friends at the next game night with the butterfly knife styled bottle opener, which is guaranteed to be anti-rust. There’s also the Prankster Pack with the 3 top pranking devices, sure to cause just the right amount of mayhem at the next party or perhaps even from within the workplace. From the Annoy-a-Tron, to the Eviltron and even more mischievously, the Phantom Keystroker, annoy your friends at your own peril.

USB Toasted HubIt’s hard not to love toast, especially since it can be diversified with nutella, cheese, and anything else… but what about toast as a gadget in the form of a USB toaster hub? Already on sale for $19.99, the toaster comes in 4 levels of toastiness: Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp, or Tato.

Keep Travelling with Bentley’s Buy 1 Luggage, Get the 2nd 50% Off

March 15, 2013, Posted By Rita

Bentley Buy 1, 2nd one 50% Off

A good luggage set is one of those household essentials that is worth investing into. Even better is saving money at the same time and for a limited time, Bentley wants to help you save with their buy one luggage and get one 50% off. It’s good enough that we thought many of our viewers would like to snap it up.

Shop at Bentley
Expires: Not provided

28 inch On BoardWhen it comes to selecting a good set of luggage, one of the main deciding factors is the weight given the tight restrictions of most airline companies. At 10.80 lbs, the 28″ On Board, the largest suitcase available, provides enough lining and protection for all personal belongings. Even better is its blue color, which will make it easier to spot on the baggage claim carrousel, especially if a confused traveler grabs it by mistake.

All Wheel Drive Air Canada ToteHaving traveled a number of times myself, the All Wheel Drive Air Canada Tote immediately drew my gaze with its elegant black design. Featuring a number of pockets, this relatively large bag includes zippers that can all be locked for extra security.

Keep in mind that shipping is free on orders of $59.99 or more.

Save 25% with the Exclusive by Letting Your Kids Pick at Axl’s Closet

March 14, 2013, Posted By Rita

VC Exclusive to Save 25% at Axl's Closet

Clothes are a fabulous form of self-expression, especially for kids. We challenge you to try something different this week: as a fun weekend activity, sit down with your kids and let them pick out what they might like to wear from Axl’s Closet. The best part is that no matter what they choose, your bank account will be a just a tad fuller thanks to our exclusive code that will allow you to save 25% on anything and everything they fall in love with.

Exclusive Axl's Closet CouponDetails: 25% off site-wide
Expires: 31st March, 2013
Visit Axl’s Closet here

Roxy Bear HugsSince the exclusive applies site-wide, the clearance section is most certainly a free-for-all as well, much like our Axl’s Closet promotions page. Take for instance the absolutely adorable Roxy Bear Hugs with an attached hood. Though the cuteness factor itself makes the hoodie worth it at its full price of $49.50, it has already been reduced to $34.65 and the exclusive 25% brings it down to an even lower cost of $25.98.

Obermeyer Snowflake Knit BeretAnother great possibility to save is with the Winter Blowout Sale, where merchandise such as the Obermeyer Snowflake Knit Beret has already been discounted to $27.60 and which you can exclusively only pay $20.70. Knit using a combination of cotton and acrylic, it will add just enough vitality with its bright and happy color to any cold day.

Let us know below what your little one picks out.

Stay True To Your New Year’s Resolution with Activewear from AdditionElle

March 14, 2013, Posted By Rita

Addition Elle Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off

There’s no need to feel bad if you haven’t stayed true to that New Year resolution to stay fit as it’s not too late to either continue hitting the gym or to start to. Better yet, do it in style with Addition Elle’s promotion on activewear apparel, during which you can save 50% on the purchase of a 2nd activewear piece for a limited time.

Shop at Addition Elle
Expires: 15th March, 2013

Mock Neck Active JacketThe mock neck active jacket immediately piqued my interest because it’s perfect for the on-the-go mom with its chin guard and thumb holes at the end of the sleeves. My favorite part about this jacket is the way it creates a slimming silhouette through the black and grey colors.

For all the pink lovers out there, be sure to check the zippered jacket.

Straight Leg Runched-up Cargo PantAlternatively, the straight leg ruched-up cargo pant at $34.99 screams comfort during a work-out with its snap closure, ribbed waistband with drawstring. There are pockets on both legs and strings at the bottom of the pants can also be undone for a more cargo kind of look.

If you’re looking for a pant with a straight leg, then take a look at the pink waistband yoga pant at $39.99.

Though the offer mentioned above doesn’t cover it, be sure to browse through Addition Elle’s sale section along with our compilation of their coupons for more reductions.

All the Glitz & Glam for Less with Blue Nile’s 20% Off Pearls and Jewelry

March 14, 2013, Posted By Rita

Blue Nile Up to 20% Off Pearls and Jewelry

Although we just recently wrote about Blue Nile, I couldn’t resist mentioning them again as discounts on their jewelry are not to be avoided. For the next couple of weeks, save up to 20% off pearls and regularly priced jewelry. Also, don’t forget to check out all the Blue Nile coupons on our promotions page.

Details: Enjoy 20% on regularly-priced jewelry under $500 & save 10% on jewelry over $500
Expires: 20th March, 2013
Visit Blue Nile here
Details: Save 20% on pearls
Expires: 31st March, 2013
Visit Blue Nile here

Although these bow earrings are labeled for children, aren’t they darling enough for all ages? I would definitely wear them! The great part about them is that a piece screws on to protect the back of the ear from getting poked by the earrings themselves.

Blue Nile Bow Earrings

Blue Nile Pearl NecklaceJust as a classical pair of pearl earrings and a pearl strand necklace are both absolutely essential for any jewelry collection, any kind of other pearl jewelry is also indispensable. As a wonderful example, take a look at the vintage-style pearl necklace featured on the right on sale for $121.52 with the above discount. At 36 inches in length, it’s the ideal necklace for either layering alongside other necklaces (youtube video) or for wearing as a staple piece with a simpler outfit.

With regards to pearls however, it is important to know that they come in a variety of types, quality, shapes and luster. Indeed, though a lesser known kind of pearl, the Tahitian pearl earrings would present a divine look with any evening dress.

We’d love to hear from you! Tweet us @CouponsCanada your preferred jewelry piece from Blue Nile.

Travel Around the World: Save 50% Off Globo Shoes

March 14, 2013, Posted By Rita

Globo 50% Off Clearance

The right pair of shoes can make all the difference when you’re racing around the world for the chance to win an amazing prize. Of course, the same can be said for when you’re running to catch a bus to avoid being late for work or worse yet, a job interview! So, invest now into a fabulous pair of shoes and save 50% on all clearance items at Globo for women, men, and children.

Shop the 50% sale at Globo
Expires: Not provided

Globo BrumbleyWinter may be almost over but the sales sure aren’t, especially not on the winter stock. With their rubber soles for impermeability, these Brumbley boots are perfect for the rainy period that is currently befalling Canada. Granted they’re a little on the shiny side but at only $29.98, I say bring on the shine to fight the rain!

If it’s still too much glossiness for you, then I suggest my personal favorite: the Draupadi ankle boots with a faux fur lining that can be zipped down.

Globo KisslerSpeaking of rainy days, what about those of you who live near lakes, beaches and all the other fun locations — take a look at these men’s Kissler boat shoes. Providing just enough style and class, they’re perfect for slippery environments (i.e. a boat) as they feature a flat rubber sole. Keep yourself (or your man) from sliding for only $19.97.

Ladies, there are plenty of sandals to choose from as well. Just take a peak at these Finkel leather sandals for ultimate comfort at only $14.99.

Have you seen our Globo coupons page yet? It’s right here


Stay Cool with 30% on the Ditton Sweatshirt at French Connection

March 13, 2013, Posted By Rita

French Connection 30% Off Ditton Sweatshirt

A lovely place to shop, French Connection offers original clothing and great style inspiration. For a limited time, save 30% on a Ditton Sweatshirt from French Connection.

Details: Get 30% a Ditton Sweatshirt
Expires: 17th March, 2013
Visit French Connection here

French Connection Ditton SweatDiscounted by $24.60 to $61.60, the Ditton sweatshirt features 3/4 sleeves made of sheer material. Made primarily from cotton, the inclusion of viscose means that while it provides a silky feel, customers need to avoid washing this shirt in hot water to ensure that it doesn’t shrink.

While it’s labeled as a sweatshirt, it’s definitely more of an upscale version of this iconic item and should ideally be paired with skinny jeans and high heels for a night out.

It’s also available in the following array of great colors:

French Connection Ditton Sweats Colors

Other items have also been discounted, such as this Bambi stripe vowel neck jumper reduced to $29.99. Speaking of discounts, have you seen our French Connection discounts page?

Burn Fat with Teas from Teavana and Enjoy Free Shipping + Free Sample

March 12, 2013, Posted By Rita

Teavana Free Shipping & Sample

Did you know that green tea burns fat or that white tea has the most antioxidants out of all the teas? Even better is that for a limited time, you can stock up on Teavana’s teas and merchandise and get free shipping along with a free sample of the popular Youthberry/Wild Orange tea.

While we’re on the topic of free merchandise, I suggest bookmarking VoucherCodes’ Teavana coupons page, so as not to miss any other deals.

Shop at Teavana for free shipping and a free sample
Expires: 14th March, 2013

Like with anything else, tea needs to be kept in an air-tight and dark environment to ensure freshness. On sale for $8.37, take a peek at the Marrakech tea tins, featured below. Made of tin, these containers can hold up to 140g of tea and though the only –drawback– is that the specific color you receive is chosen at random, it really makes no difference as each tin shows off a wonderful design.

Teavana Marrakech Tea Tins

Since you’ll be getting free shipping anyway, you might as well try the raspberry riot lemon mate tea with its explosion of flavors.

As tremendous tea lovers here at Vouchercodes, I have to admit that this Breville one-touch tea maker immediately caught our eye. Going above and beyond the classic way of using a kettle to make tea, this wonderful kitchen appliance automatically lowers and lifts the tea basket for perfect steepness and even keeps it warm for up to 60 minutes.

What’s your favorite tea?

DogFunk Blowout – Save Up to 60% on Winter Gear

March 12, 2013, Posted By Rita

Dogfunk Winter Blowout

As March is the best month to save on winter clothes, it’s time for major savings! Get ready for the next sub-zero cycle by shopping during Dogfunk’s Winter Blowout and save up to 60% on winter gear.

Shop at Dogfunk
Expires: Not provided

Just like the snufflepom women’s beanie is a great selection, especially at $11.18, so is the Billabong Madison bikini bottom, which can be paired with any other bikini top. In case you’re wondering why bikinis are included in a winter blowout sale, my speculation is that it’s perfect for a nordic outdoors spa or perhaps even for traveling south.

Budmo Cargo PantsWhile good snow pants can be hard to come by, these snowboarding Budmo cargo pants are worth considering due to the large number of extremely positive reviews. On sale for $159.96, they have been hailed as a superior choice because of the looseness of their fit, their impermeability and the fleece pocket linings for extra warmth.

Which winter items are you in need of?

Office Look on a Budget with Ricki’s 25% Off Clearance Items

March 12, 2013, Posted By Rita

Ricki's 25% Off Clearance

Good-looking and comfortable work clothes can be hard to come by, especially when shopping on a budget. Luckily, Ricki’s is having a 25% off exciting sale on already reduced items in the clearance section.

Shop the 25% off sale at Ricki’s
Expires: Not provided

Rickis Ripple Texture PulloverFeaturing a wonderful weaving design, the ripple texture pullover is guaranteed to quickly become a favorite sweater for work or casual wear. On clearance for only $14.99, it’s available in an assortment of the following colors: rich cranberry, ivory, charcoal, luscious teal, amethyst, and aqua mélange. Keep in mind that according to reviews, the ivory is really just white and the rich cranberry is a darker red than one would perhaps expect.

Ricki's Tweed Brown PantsStereotyped as the kind of material most likely to be worn by nerds, tweed is actually making a comeback to modern fashion. Providing a classy look through a material that is durable and more importantly breathable, take a look at the ultimate miracle pant in brown tweed, reduced by an incredible 72.5% to the low price of $14.99. Based on the multiple reviews, these provide for great comfort as they exclude buttons as well as zippers and since they’re made bigger, it is advisable to get a size smaller.

How’s that for creating a great office look on a budget? Even more frugal is the Ricki’s discounts page displaying all the sales and deals.

Thousands in Savings with’s Coupon Book

March 11, 2013, Posted By Rita 35% Off

Constantly scanning the web, newspapers, and everything in between for the latest coupons and deals can turn into quite a time-consuming task. What if I told you that for as low as $22.75, you could get a book of coupons for thousands of merchants and even get it shipped for free? Amongst others, these listings are primarily divided into categories such as: casual dining, fast food, groceries, travel, retail stores, family attraction, movies, and much more!

Save 35% on’s coupon book
Expires: 12th March, 2013

What’s great about the purchase of’s book is that on top of gaining exclusive and already printed coupons, access is also given to their online database for even more coupons and discounts. The book also comes with a membership card, which can be presented to a variety of merchants, especially while traveling, to save even more money.

Entertainment’s book features: Book 2013

  • Exclusive deals like buy 1, get 1 free;
  • Access to local and national coupons;
  • Access to’s mobile app;
  • Coupons that are valid until November 2013.

Just to give you an idea, an book with listings in Toronto contains deals for Baskin-Robbins, Thorncliffe Bowlerama, Hockey Hall of Fame, Michael’s, Absolute Comedy and many more.

In case you miss this sale, be sure to take a look at our discounts page for upcoming offers.

Have you ever tried the book of coupons?

Heat up your Wardrobe with 20% Off Orders of $199 at Buffalo Jeans

March 11, 2013, Posted By Erin

Buffalo 20% off $199 or more

A beautiful new offer has popped up on our Buffalo Jeans Canada special offers page: starting today and lasting until it’s been redeemed 50 times or until March 31st, 2013 –whichever comes first– you can be one of the lucky few to snag this coupon code and save a bundle. Order for $199 or more and enjoy 20% off your entire order along with free shipping.

Isn’t it time to spruce up your wardrobe with some of the amazing clothes available in the sale section of Buffalo Jeans?

Details: 20% off order of $199 or more plus free shipping
Expires: 50 redemption or March 31st,2013. Whichever comes first
Visit Buffalo Jeans Canada here

Buffalo jeans are well-known around the country and it’s easy to see why when you lay your eyes on these Felow jeans that have been reduced to $98.99.Buffalo Item They have a flared bottom and a fitted waist to give a stunning look to your legs.

Don’t worry men, there’s something for you too. I’ve always had a thing for a man in dark jeans and, if you’re like me, you’d definitely appreciate these Six-X jeans marked down to $99.99. They are fitted, bold in design, and include a contrast stitching on the back pockets to draw attention to your…well, you know!

Love Buffalo jeans? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Embrace the Sunshine with 10% Off at Swimsuitsforall

March 10, 2013, Posted By Rita

Swimsuitsforall 10% Off Site-Wide

Girls, summer is not and I repeat, is not a time to hide from the beach, the pool or any other place that may require you to wear a bathing suit. Instead, follow Swimsuitsforall’s Fit & Flatter Guide to determine the best bathing suit for your body type in any color and design that takes your fancy. While you’re browsing for a new bathing suit, go ahead and take 10% off on all of their beautiful merchandise.

Shop at Swimsuitsforall
Expires: Not provided

Penbrooke Top Palm Triple Tier TankiniAlthough swimsuits can be daunting for some, the key element to remember is that it’s all about creating an illusion through texture and color. Depending on your body shape, there are a number of of great tips for figures that are pear or apple shaped, athletic, hourglass, petite or curvy. The tiers on the Penbrooke Top Palm Triple Tier Tankini is a fabulous bathing suit for those looking to enhance the bust and minimize the tummy.

South Pacific V Neck MaxiFortunately, just like our promotions page for them, Swimsuitsforall offers more than just swimsuits. Have a look at this wonderful South Pacific V Neck Maxi with a cinched waist to hide all those pesky problem areas. The colorfulness of this dress is also certain to generate a number of positive comments this summer during those weekly BBQs or yearly family meetings.

Don’t shy away from the sun like Edward, embrace it wholeheartedly!

Beat All Odds & Save Up to 60% with FansEdge’s Spring Clearance Sale

March 10, 2013, Posted By Rita

FansEdge Spring Clearance Sale

Apparel showing support for a favorite sports team is absolutely essential for any dedicated fan and what better way to invest in clothes than with a discount? For a limited time, save up to 60% during the Spring Clearance Sale at FansEdge. Another great way to save money is with our FansEdge coupons page.

Shop at FansEdge
Expires: Not provided

Blackhawks Patrick Kane T-shirtIn the midst of a historical moment, the Blackhawks are close to breaking the record for not having lost a single game in regulation so far this season. Not only that, but the Blackhawks also have some of the best players in the NHL, such as Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. Commemorate this momentous year with a t-shirt in support of the former: the Patrick Kane Women’s Red T-Shirt, featured on the right on clearance for only $27.80.

Now that we’re done with the West, there is no way we can bypass the Montreal Canadiens, who have been having a stellar season thus far. Against all adversity, especially since not a single critic predicted that Montreal’s team of worship would be in the playoffs having finished last in 2012, they are now first in the 2013 conference. Indeed, the off-season signings (Prust, Bouillon & Armstrong), in addition to the emerging rookies (Galchenyuk & Gallagher) and the recovered veterans (Gionta & Markov) have all contributed to restoring and reinvigorating this team’s identity.

Montreal Canadiens Authentic JerseyOfficially licensed by the NHL and made of a water repellent material, the authentic Montreal Canadiens RBK Edge Jersey, reduced to $279.38 from $372.50, is the absolute and ultimate way to show your support for a team who has surpassed all expectations.

There’s also NHL’s officially licensed Montreal Canadiens Women’s Old Time Hockey T-Shirt that is worth adding to any collection since it features their founding year: 1909.

Let us know below what you think of the Blackhawks’ record and the Habs’ progress?

Rollback & Enjoy Free Shipping with Walmart by Stocking Up on Essentials

March 10, 2013, Posted By Rita

Walmart Clearance

It’s common knowledge that Walmart offers incredible prices, but did you know that you can also order those same items online and even get free shipping? The time has come to put Derek’s couponing advice into practice and stock up on everyday essentials during WalMart’s rollback and clearance specials. For a limited time, save up to 30% on a variety of household supplies.

Make sure to take a look at Walmart’s other departments as savings are available store-wide.

Shop the Rollback at Walmart Canada
Expires: 31st March, 2013

Walmart Pantene & SoftsoapJust like with our Walmart page of deals, you can save on a huge variety of health & beauty items with rollback prices. Take for example Pantene Medium to Thick Hair Solutions, regularly priced at $4 and discounted to $3 during this promotion.

Perhaps you’ve been running low on handsoap lately? Save $0.67 on Softsoap Moisturizing Shea Butter Hand Soap, containing shea butter, which has been proven to have a number of skin-related benefits (from improving elasticity and even getting rid of dryness).

Walmart TampaxOf course, one can’t forget the most important time period during a woman’s monthly cycle, especially since Tampax Regulars are perhaps one of the most essential items. Though priced at $4.98 originally, a box of 20 tampons has been rolled back to $3.97 to help you keep mother nature in check!

This event is particularly awesome for those who have been collecting coupons and organizing them into a coupon binder!

For those who coupon, share with us below the most you have ever saved?

Fashionable Garage VC Exclusive for 20% Off

March 9, 2013, Posted By Rita

Garage 20% Vouchercodes Exclusive

Oh my gosh, are fans in luck or what! Just for you, we have secured a brilliant exclusive code for 20% off all regular items! As you’re piling on the discounts, be sure to reach the $50 threshold to get free shipping on your order.

For even more discounts, don’t forget to check out our delightful Garage page of promotions for future deals.

Exclusive Under Armour Canada CouponDetails: 20% off regular items
Expires: 11th March, 2013
Visit Garage Canada here

From personal experience, I can say with certainty that crocheting is no easy hobby — well, not at first at least. Perhaps this is why the crochet shrug immediately caught my attention. Reduced to $27.92 with our exclusive code, it features an open-concept design with short sleeves for the perfect accessory to any outfit.

True or False: All fashion styles have a way of popping right back every decade?

Answer: True! And denim is definitely no exception, especially with the summer marble jacket or even the splash tie dye high-waisted shorts, which can be worn with just about anything.

Let us know on our Facebook page how you plan on wearing your denim jacket.

Get Triple the Value During La Vie en Rose’s Buy 1, Get 2 Free

March 9, 2013, Posted By Rita

La Vie en Rose Buy 1 Sleepwear, Get 2

Sure, it’s cute to wear your boyfriend’s boxers every once in a while but are you one of those who wears them every night to bed? The time has finally arrived to invest in some boxers of your own with La Vie en Rose’s buy 1 sleepwear item, get 2 free, an incredible promotion that even the single ladies can all benefit from.

Since this lingerie and sleepwear store runs sales and promotions regularly, what better way to stay up-to-date with them than by keeping our La Vie en Rose coupons page bookmarked?

Shop the Buy 1, Get 2 Free at La Vie en Rose
Expires: Not provided

For all of you men’s boxer thieves, I challenge you to take a before and after picture wearing your guy’s boxers and then trying out the pink knit boxers displayed on the right for $19.95. I guarantee that the latter will look tremendously cuter and sexier because while guy boxers are larger, these will have a slimming effect in comparison.

If you’re skeptical about making the transition to women’s boxers, especially to one’s that are pink, then take a look at the woven cargo boxers with teal stripes. With 100% cotton, they’re sure to provide the ultimate comfort for a good night’s rest.

Depending on the items selected, the final bill is guaranteed to be under $30 for an amazing total of 3 items. Other available items include: camis, capris, t-shirts, nightie and dresses.

Get Fit and Game at the Same Time Thanks to Xbox360 & Wii Games at The Source

March 9, 2013, Posted By Erin

Get fit and game with The Source

One of the biggest resolutions made during the New Year is to either lose weight or keep fit. Sure, it’s an easy decision to uphold during the first couple of weeks, but then the laziness creeps up along with those days where you just don’t feel comfortable sweating it out with strangers and you would much rather stay home. What if you could work out and play video games at the same time, would you?

I bet you would.

Thanks to motion capture technology available on Xbox360 and Wii systems, it’s possible to stay at home, play video games and get fit all at the same time for a fraction of the price of a gym membership. If you’re still in doubt, then you clearly haven’t seen the selection at The Source

Shop selection of video games at The Source here

The Source itemThe Nintendo Wii first stepped into this market by quickly carving a niche for itself with the Wii Fit and Balance board. The Wii Fit game not only helps track weight loss and progress during the workout regime, but it also improves balance, posture, and coordination. Founded on the principle of fitness through cardio, it also features 20 training exercises. Lucky for customers, the Wii fit bundled with the balance board comes out to $99.

The Source ItemZumba, the hottest new dance craze and newcomer in the workout world also has a game on the system: Zumba Fitness 2. Putting the spotlight on some of the hottest songs in the industry today, the Wii Zumba game will allow you to groove your way into shape with some kickass moves in the comfort of your own home.

The Source ItemThe Xbox360 system has their Kinect System for $109.99,, which basically captures the user’s every move with a camera. I actually purchased this system and the Dance Central 2 game for $34.99 last year in my own attempt to work out and haven’t been disappointed with it. The game features a workout mode with various intensities, times, and even features the number of calories burned. Being able to work-out in the comfort of one’s own home without feeling obligated to do so definitely helps with motivation.

Another game in the same genre is the popular Just Dance series, with the newest one priced at $39.99. It doesn’t have the same cardio and workout options as it’s competitor, but it does offer a “Just Sweat” function, similar to a fitness work-out.

The best part about these motion capture systems is that your gaming experience can be heightened with the variety of different games. In terms of budget, they do pay themselves off with the amount of fun and good times you will have with them.

If all this isn’t enough incentive for you, make sure to visit our The Source coupon page to grab your very own code to save up to 30% off site-wide

Celebrate Women’s Day with 40% Off Site-Wide at The Body Shop Canada

March 8, 2013, Posted By Rita

The Body Shop's Women's Day Dale

March 8th was first honored and observed as International Women’s Day in 1909 as a result of the increase in women’s rights from fewer working hours, better salaries to the establishment of voting rights. In celebration of this joyful day, The Body Shop has released a limited time offer discounting all their items by 40%.

Shop the Women’s Day 40% off Sale at The Body Shop
Expires: 10th March, 2013

Aloe Body ButterWhile we recently wrote about “the more you buy, the more you save” event, during which we recommended the
cocoa body butter, this amazing product has now fallen to the low price of $12! According to The Body Shop’s description, it’s particularly great in prevention of stretch marks following pregnancy as well as of overall skin dryness.

Granted a cocoa body lotion may be a little overpowering for certain daily scenarios (a work environment for example), so why not try the coconut or aloe body butters for a refreshing and healthier glow?

All things considered, there are just too many great offers that we could write about from The Body Shop and we definitely suggest you take a look at their online collection, especially with free shipping on orders over $75. For even more deals, visit our The Body Shop page when you have a moment.

How have you been celebrating International Women’s Day?

Make a Run for Under Armour Canada’s Free Shipping Exclusive Offer

March 8, 2013, Posted By Erin

Free Shipping exclusive at Under Armour Canada

It’s time to get running to whip our butts into gear for the summer season! Fully commit to that New Year’s resolution thanks to gear from Under Armour Canada. Designed for super workout fanatics as well as the newly amateurs of the bunch, there’s gear to suit any and every needs. Browse by fit to truly find the item of your dreams.

Need an even better reason to shop during this sale? How does a Exclusive code for free shipping all orders sound to you? The threshold for free shipping is usually $75 — think of the savings!

Exclusive Under Armour Canada CouponDetails: Free Shipping on your entire order
Expires: 11th March, 2013
Visit Under Armour Canada here

Under Armour Canada itemIf you are looking for more deals from this brand, keep an eye out on our Under Armour Canada page for upcoming deals.

The authentic capri pants featured on the right are far from being ordinary pants: designed to withstand the toughest workouts, they help to stay dry and sweat-free. Moreover, these pants are made of a microfiber technology to lock in odors and also include a hidden spot within the waistband for keys. Grab a pair for only $44.99 as these pants do it all and more.

Under Armour Canada item 2Need a shirt to match your new pair of pants? Pick up this sonic short sleeve top for $29.99, which features the same moisture-seeking technology. Similarly to the pants, it’s built with a 4-way stretch fabric to further increase your range of motion while working out.

Don’t forget to check out the outlet section that contains tons and tons of reduced items for you to pick up! For those who prefer wearing tank tops instead of shirt, I suggest the victory tank top for $20.99.

I’ve only heard good things about the HeatGear items at Under Armour! Have you tried them yet?

Save 20% on a 2nd Giftcard at SpaFinder Wellness

March 8, 2013, Posted By Rita

SpaFinder Wellness 20% Off 2nd Giftcard

While spas are the among the best ways to take time to oneself relaxing and de-stressing, it can be challenging finding the perfect one for each person. Some prefer them focused on yoga, and others on medical treatments or perhaps even fitness. During the entire month of March 2013, every gift card purchased will grant a discount of 20% on the purchase of a 2nd one.

Details: Buy one gift card, get a second one 20% off
Expires: 31st March, 2013
Visit SpaFinder Wellness here

Spa EastmanAmong some of these deals is the Spa Eastman, located in Eastman, QC. With a variety of cold and hot pools, this spa also features fitness activities, massages, bodywraps, facials and many more. Overwhelmingly positive reviews prove that this spa is definitely worth trying out.

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health SpaFor those who prefer a sportier kind of relaxation, along with featuring regular spa amenities, the Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa in Hot Springs BC also gives prominence to hiking, yoga, and CrossFit.

Speaking of which, SpaFinder Wellness’ Deals section for spas in any area is worth taking a look at, along with our section dedicated to their sales.

Which spa would you recommend?

Expect the Unexpected: Save Up to 20% with Sears’ Baby Days

March 8, 2013, Posted By Rita

Sears Baby Days

Famous for its “Days” events that discount a variety of in-theme items, Sears Canada has released yet another sale! Save up to 20% on anything baby-related from toys, furniture and humidifiers during the Sears Baby Days.

Although most items are on sale until March 14th, be sure to check because some deals expire on March 7th, 2013 and most importantly, don’t forget to regularly check our Sears page of promotions.

Shop at Sears Canada
Expires: 14th March, 2013

Although Elmo first made his appearance on the popular kids show Sesame Street in 1972 as Baby Monster, this Muppet character’s popularity has not waned one single bit. In fact, since he continues to be a favorite toy among children of all ages, the Elmo ‘Baby Sniffles’ Figure is sure to become any child’s favorite within seconds. The reason he’s called “Sniffles” is because he needs a lot of hugs and kisses to make him better (his nose can be squeezed for a variety of sneezing sounds). Though he’s not available in Quebec unfortunately, “Baby Sniffles” is sure to please with his adorableness for only $15.99, down from $19.99 in other provinces.

Graco Charleston CribHailed as one of the safest baby cribs of 2013, the Graco ‘Charleston’ Convertible Crib, reduced to $254.99, is a great starter bed for any toddler. Available in white or cherry colors, the best part about this crib is that it can convert from a crib to a double bed with an attachable headboard as your child grows. Though the mattress isn’t included, the Charleston crib is definitely a solid choice, especially since it cannot be dropped down (for safety reasons!) and is made entirely of wood.

For all those first-time parents, be sure to read through Sears’ Baby Crib Buying Guide for tips on mattress height, safety, versatility and more.

Fly Here, Fly There, Fly Everywhere with Buytopia! Get Up to 50% Off Porter Flights

March 7, 2013, Posted By Erin

Up to 50% off Porter Flights at

Buytopia is awesome for a couple reasons. The first one being the contest to win a pair of Ray-bans sunglasses that we’re running in partnership with them (if you haven’t entered yet, what are you waiting for?). The second reason being their amazing sale for Porter Airlines: for a limited time, save up to 50% off on base flights with their unique promo code.

If you have been looking for a sign to take a trip somewhere, this just might be it!

Details: Up to 50% Off Base Fares for Porter Airlines
Expires: 11th March, 2013
Visit here

To activate this deal, you have to go through the site and click the “Buy” button. It will auto-magically direct you to the correct Porter Airline page.Buytopia Item

Porter offers flights to multiple locations around Canada and some in the United States for a fraction of the price and double the luxury. They have never, ever, done a deal like this before and with over 2000 customers who have taken advantage of the offer, you can see why it’s popular! Get spoiled by one of the best airlines in the country and enjoy first class service for next to nothing. is a fantastic site that offers discounts on local and nation attractions, and even occasionally offers free items for you to enjoy. Don’t forget that our offer page is filled with deals to tickle your interest.

Get Healthy with’s 20% Off on Webber Naturals Vitamins

March 7, 2013, Posted By Rita Save 20% on Webber Naturals

Did you know that when it comes to vitamins, it’s best to take them in cycles? Supplementing your diet with vitamins for 2 months, and then stopping for the same amount of time, has actually proven to be more beneficial than taking them continuously as it prevents the body from getting used to the dosage. Lucky for all, for a limited time, 20% can be saved on Webber Naturals at

Shop the Vitamin Sale at
Expires: 10th March, 2013

Webber Multi-VitaminsAccording to Dr.Oz’s 4 Vitamins Every Woman Needs, a multi-vitamin is absolutely essential, especially because of the monthly loss in iron through that time of the month. While men don’t need the same amount of iron, multi-vitamins such as Webber Naturals Multi-Vitamin provide Vitamin E useful in the prevention of prostate problems. All things considered, anyone can benefit from these because it’s no easy feat to try and pack all those vitamins through food on a daily basis.

Likewise, since our bodies don’t produce omega-3 fatty acids, which are particularly helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases, supplementing your diet with fish oils may be worth taking into consideration. During’s sale, you can save $3.52 on the Webber Naturals Salmon & Fish Oils Softgels, reduced to $14.07 for 180 soft gels.

As with anything though, moderation is definitely key, especially since it’s best to get most nutrients from food.

Clearance Win with Aldo’s Up to 50% Off Sale

March 6, 2013, Posted By Rita

Aldo 50% Off

With fantastic styles at an affordable price, Aldo’s collection is an easy shopping source, especially for shoes to compliment any outfit. Don’t miss your opportunity to save up to 50% on most clearance items. Prices displayed on their site already reflect the discount to be had with no additional coupon needed.

Shop at Aldo
Expires: Not provided

Aldo Kalynn BootsFrom a personal perspective, I would most definitely have to recommend the Kalynn boots, on sale for a divaliscious $39.99, down from $140 by 73%. Made from a leather material and a rubber sole for greater durability, they can easily be worn with a pair of skinny jeans paired with any top during the upcoming weeks of spring.

Aldo Felipa SandalsDo some of you perhaps already have your eyes set on the summer months? Shop early with these flat Felipa sandals discounted to only $19.98. Available in midnight black, cognac and white, these sandals are sure to provide the ultimate comfort for long walks (perhaps to touristy locations) with its buckled ankle wrap.

They also have a rather nice selection for men, such as these Mailo sneakers available in 5 different colors from black to light blue. Speaking of amazing discounts, have you seen our coupon page for Aldo? It’s definitely worth bookmarking for future reference!

Save 15% on Printers During Epson’s 3 Day March Break Sale

March 5, 2013, Posted By Rita

Epson Spring Break 15% Off

Even with the ever-digitizing of our world, a good printer is indispensable for home and work environments. On top of offering weekly sales, Epson has also released an advantageous coupon to save 15% off all orders for a limited time. Keep in mind that:

This offer does not apply to shipping costs or to Epson Clearance Centre products, Home Entertainment projectors (excluding MovieMate), or to Professional Imaging products (including hardware, ink, paper and media).

If you happen to miss it since it’s only a 3-day sale, take a moment to visit our Epson Canada page for upcoming deals.

Details: Get 15% off your order
Expires: 7th March, 2013
Visit Epson Canada here

Upon considering the purchase of a new printer, some of the most Epson WorkForce WF-3520 All-in-One Printerimportant factors to analyze are the ppm (pages per minute), connectivity, color and multi-functionality. Taking all of these factors into consideration, Epson’s WorkForce WF-3520 with its 15 ppm printing in black, Wi-Fi connectivity, colored printing, and all-in-one components (print/copy/scan/fax), results in a solid choice for home use. Previously discounted to $129.99, it falls to the great price of $110.49 with this coupon.

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530 All-in-One PrinterFor those of you business owners who are in need of a new printer, tax season is one of the most compelling reasons to invest in one and the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530 All-in-One Printer, featured on the left, would make for a great purchase at $254.99, discounted by $45. Even better is the fact that with 329 reviews at the time of writing this post, it has gathered 4.3 stars out of 5. With relatively similar specifications to the printer mentioned above, the main differences lie within the paper tray capacity (roughly 30% larger) as well as ink yield (about 145% more).

Let us know what you think of these 2 printer choices? Would you have selected different ones?