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So this is me, I’m Stephen and this is my Bargains Blog–I started it back in 2009! Although, you may see some of my friends blogging here too.

Find here some of the best bargains for Canadians to enjoy. You will notice coupon codes from some top Canadian brands, but we will also keep you in the loop with all the online sales and deals.

Have a Hoppy Easter!

April 20, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Easter 2013On behalf of the entire team, we would like to wish everyone who celebrates it a very Hoppy Easter! As a joyous occasion meant to instill hope through symbols of renewal and hope, Easter is an especially wonderful day for kids since a variety of activities and crafts can be organized for children to partake in to either learn about its history or simply to have a fun time collecting chocolate.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, stay on the look-out for last minute week-end deals and promotions.

Happy Easter everyone!

Dynamite Clothing Canada 30% Off & Free Shipping

April 17, 2014, Posted By Stephen

Dynamite Clothing Canada

We don’t often blog about Dynamite, and that’s because they don’t often release codes for online discounts. This store was one of my girlfriends favourites growing up. They are a pretty decent 20-something women’s fashion store.

So there are 2 discounts on right now at the time of writing. Customers when shopping online can get free shipping on orders over $60 and a hefty 30% off all regular priced fashion & accessories when using the code below. The actual promo code is rare as I believe this is their second actual online coupon since they launched their online store a few months ago.

Details: Free shipping and 20% off all orders over $60
Expires: 30th April, 2014
Visit Dynamite here
Details: 30% off and free shipping
Expires: 21st April, 2014
Visit Dynamite here

This code seems to work with other promotions. So it works on sale stock and other discounted items. So if you hold out and pray for a sitewide sale then you can use this code on top of it (so it’s stackable) to get huge savings.

If you’re not into their style of clothing, perhaps you know someone who is? Be kind and send them the coupon code (it’s case sensitive).

McDonald’s $1 Drinks

April 8, 2014, Posted By Stephen

McDonald’s $1 Drinks

McDonald’s are running a deal on all fountain drinks, they are all $1 no matter what size. This is exactly the same promotion they ran last summer with great success. The normal price for a large fizzy drink is roughly $3 so you get about a $2 saving if you get the largest drink (which you should as they are all the same price while this promo is on). The promotion starts today (April 8th) and ends whenever McDonald’s decide.

Note that it also applies on coffee, although it’s only on small or medium coffees (inc iced coffees).

This promotion was successful in the past years that McDonald’s keep bringing it back on a yearly basis, advertising it as a great way to keep cool during the hot summer months. Stressing the fact that not only are their beverages refreshing but every location provides a fresh environment thanks to the use of conditioned air systems. Other healthier ways to stay cool come to mind, visiting the neighborhood swimming pool comes to mind.

If you are interested in learning more information about McDonald’s most recent promotions, you may be interested in having a look at their official website’s promotions section. Which, at the moment of this update included information about the dollar menu and coffee promos.

Marble Slab Loads of Printable Coupons….Yummy!

April 2, 2014, Posted By Stephen

Marble Slab Loads of Printable Coupons....Yummy!

While it’s not quite the summery season of shorts, flip flops and a nice long walk with an ice cream in hand with shades on lazing around, it does seem to be the season of ice cream discounts. It’s the second one I’ve come across this week. We have posted about special offers from Marble Slab a few times before, and what’s interesting is that they don’t seem to repeat their offers, this one is entirely new to me (I believe). Customers searching for some of that cold creamy goodness, in the epic proportion scale might enjoy these printable coupons for Marble Slab to get multiple discounts.

As this is a printable, you will have to go to your local outlet, find the nearest one to you here. The closest one to me is absolutely miles away, so it isn’t much use to me, but I have already sent it to a couple of fiends, so I hope you get to enjoy what I cannot.

Here are a few of the discounts available: $8 for 2 cones, $5 off a layered ice cream cake, buy one cone and get the 2nd for .99c & buy 2 half litre tubs of ice cream for $10.

Details: 20% off online orders
Expires: 13th April, 2014
Visit Marble Slab here
Marble Slab

Save $10 off $50 at Shoppers Drug Mart

April 1, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Save $10 off $50 at Shoppers Drug Mart

Known as Pharmaprix in Quebec and Shoppers Drug Mart to the rest of Canadians, it’s rare to see such an amazing promotion at Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chain. Exclusively until April 4th 2014, save $10 on orders of $50 or more at participating locations.

Though like me, many of you may be thinking to yourself that now is the time to save on beauty products, the coupon isn’t valid on “prestige cosmetics and fragrances”, we recommend that you check your local store if it’s applicable on the items you’re looking to save on. Either way, it’s a fabulous promotion and worth a trip to the nearest location!

Not valid on: prescription purchases, products with codeine, tobacco products (where applicable), stamps, milk where discounts are prohibited
by law, passport photos, lottery tickets, event tickets, transit tickets and passes,
electronic gift cards, prepaid phone cards, prestige cosmetics and fragrances, and
Shoppers Home Health Care locations. Limit of one coupon per transaction per customer.
No facsimiles.

The Globe and Mail 50% First 6 Months

March 30, 2014, Posted By Stephen

The Globe and Mail 50% First 6 Months

I haven’t been provided with an expiry date for this promotion currently being run by the Globe and Mail. The deal is simple: save 50% for the first 6 months of a Globe and Mail ‘Globe Unlimited’ subscription.

Visit to get your subscription here
Expires: Not Provided

Normally a monthly subscription is $19.99 per month, so with this special offer it goes down to $9.99 a month for the first 6 months. I believe you have to actually commit to 12 months, so the price of the subscription will go up to the regular rate at the end of the promotion. Apparently these prices do not include any taxes (will vary depending on province). But what surprises me the most is that the offer is available to new and existing customers, usually it is just for new customers, so this is a refreshing change. The subscription includes access to all electronic platforms (tablets, smartphones and computers), the website, a dashboard tool (not quote sure what this is) as well as member loyalty rewards.

The Body Shop Mix and Match is Back: Buy 3 Get 3 Free!

March 29, 2014, Posted By Stephen

The Body Shop Mix and Match

Unfortunately coupon codes can’t be used with the offers below which are currently (at the time of writing) running on I’ll elaborate on my favourite deal in just a moment. But first here is what’s available:

  • Buy 3, Get 3 FREE;
  • 50% Off Hand Creams

Shop at The Body Shop Canada Here
Expires: March 30, 2014

Obviously those into hand creams might prefer that particular deal, for the rest of us the first offer is by far and away the most attractive. Getting 3 free items is awesome whichever way you look at it. So stockpile your shelves with your favourite soaps and other products in this mix and match event to save in the long run. I can’t help but think that this offer is in direct response to the one I wrote about not long ago for Bath and Body Works (that’s live again too).

This deal is for online and in store use. There are stores in every big city in Canada, which you can find here. There might be limitations of stock, so the sooner you go in store the better. They run this deal every now and then, so if you miss it this time around don’t fret, just keep up to date with our page for the Body Shop where we usually post about the latest offers (mostly coupons though).

Bath and Body Works March Deal: Buy 3 Get 3 Free

March 29, 2014, Posted By Stephen

Bath and Body Works March Deal: Buy 3 Get 3 Free

And the offers keep rolling in. This one is from Bath and Body works and it’s a cracker. Customers can take advantage of a buy 3 get 3 free plus and extra one deal. Wait, doesn’t that mean buy 3 get 4 free? I think so, but that’s not how they are presenting the offer.

We don’t know when the last day will be (it keeps getting extended), customers can buy in store and online, and whilst supplies last. Customers can enjoy the new Bath and Body works signature collection and more than double down on their investment (an investment in skin care). I generally take advantage of these deals when I see them and buy in bulk–in fact my shelf still has about 9 bottles from the Body Shop’s last deal like this. But isn’t that what stockpiling and saving in the long run is all about?

Shop The Bath and Body Works Sale
Expires: Not Provided

Extra! Extra! Get An Extra 30% Off Sale Items At Ricki’s

March 28, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Ricki's 30% Off Sale

When shopping online, is the first thing you do is skip over to the sale section? So do I and this is exactly why I love sales on sales, which are essentially extra discounts on already reduced items. In fact, today (March 27th) is –sadly– nearly the end of a sale to get an extra 30% off any 4 items items at Ricki’s, so hurry before it’s too late!

Visit Ricki’s here
Expires: Not Provided

Stretch CapriI know it may seem a little out of season to shop for spring and summer clothes right now when you would probably much rather buy bulky sweaters, but I’m a sucker for a look! The slim fit capri immediately caught my attention, simply because of their style, which could pair with just about anything during sunny days.

necklaceBut wait, Ricki’s sale gets even better with 50% off sale jewelry. Take for instance the starfish and seahorse necklace on the right: though initially priced at $22.50, it can be yours for just $11.25! No biggie if you don’t like it either or you already have one similar to it, because there’s tons more to choose from.

Let us know in the comments section which items you add to your shopping bag.

Avoid It Being Sold Out – Order Your PS4 Now!

March 27, 2014, Posted By Rita

The Source's PS4 Pre-Ordering

Taking into consideration that the PlayStation 4 was one of the most anticipated “toys” of the year since it was announced, it has been almost sold out everywhere since its release in December 2013. Based on this fact alone, we definitely suggest ordering it with The Source as soon as possible, especially since there is absolutely nothing to lose and best of all, no extra fees at all! The reason why I am suggesting this in the first place is that since the launch everywhere that has had them in stock has been selling them for inflated prices. but now the source is selling them for their recommended retail price of $399.99! But I’m sure they will sell out again fast, and this is the cheapest I’ve seen, so hurry.

For more of The Source’s deal, be sure to stay up-to-date with our page dedicated to their discounts.

Oorder the PS4 at The Source for $399.99
Expires: Not Provided

PS4 Bundle 2 ControllersAmong other incredible features, the PS4 has an 8-core processor and 8GB of RAM of ultra-crisp graphics, new dual shock controllers, a newly integrated share button allowing gamers to show off key gaming moment and much more — all within a sleeker looking console.

In fact, a cool new aspect was also recently announced with relation to the PS4: PlayRoom. Designed to interact with the player, it creates a truly immersive experience as tiny robots come to life right onto the screen with each swipe or wave made in front of the controller’s screen.

PS4 KnackAlthough the PS4 console can be bought with just 1 controller for $399.99, we suggest bundling it with two controllers for $459.98 since let’s face it, playing 2 players is much funner!

When the PS4 was first revealed at a press conference in February 2013, so came with it a demonstration of a brand new game: Knack, the graphics of which clearly demonstrate the PlayStation 4′s capabilities and quite frankly, its amazingness. 10% off March 2014 Coupon!

March 27, 2014, Posted By Stephen 10% off March 2014 Coupon

I’ve only written about Autopartsway a couple of times over the years, and it’s not because they aren’t awesome–they are, it’s because they don’t release coupons too often. But we just received an email from them to notify our visitors about a new offer, so here it is.

Details: Get up to 10% off.
Expires: 31st March, 2014
Visit Auto Parts Way here

There are a couple of terms for this offer which I listed at the end.

Of course this website is a Canadian store that sells parts for automobiles. I’m not sure if they physically stock items or go sourcing them after someone makes an order. But from my experience in speaking to them they seem to respond really fast and they are super helpful, but I’ve never actually ordered anything from the store. If you have please make a comment below.

I recently received a Canadian tire flyer listing all of the winter prep needed for a car and I was blown away. I know I don’t need all the gear that they suggest but there were some great ideas that just make sense. For example carrying a kit for survival in the winter should you suffer a break down. A pump for the tires, a bright light, winter specific windshield washers, the list goes on. So perhaps this coupon might be useful for those looking to winter proof their vehicle. Failing that any mods or if you’re handy with a wrench then perhaps you could make your car tick over a bit better and order some parts yourself to install.

T&C’s: “Offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer valid for orders over $100. Lowest price guarantee includes only parts from our Replacement Parts section.” 1-Day Fitness Sale

March 25, 2014, Posted By Stephen 1-day Fitness Sale

I have this love-hate relationship with the winter. While I get to spend lots of time with friends and family, it’s mostly indoors playing games and drinking and eating, vs outdoor activities. So as you can imagine, I’ve put on a few pounds (no, there will be no ensuing photos) and though I have started swimming again and I’m looking for other activities to lose some of those pounds as well as tone up a little–I’m not getting any younger you know.

Man on TreadmillWhile I don’t know if I will get any fitness equipment myself in the sale, and that’s mostly because I already have most of what I need at home to work out, but you might not. So if you’re in the market for some home fitness gear without having to pay the full hefty prices, then the season of savings for fitness gear has begun. This time around, the pioneers of savings is with a 1-day sale on cardio equipment, where customers can save up to 70% on some treadmills (not all), exercise bikes and those strange elliptical things. It will be today only so hurry. If you’re too late for this sale, see if there are any new offers on our regularly updated Sears coupons page on VC.

Shop the Sears Canada Fitness Sale Here
Expires: 26th March, 2014

Sears 3-day saleWhile I’m at it I might as well mention some of the other sales has going on over the next few days, especially since most are particularly noteworthy. They have an interesting 50% off select products like appliances, clothing, furniture, electronics, home and garden, kids stuff and a few smaller categories in the Sears Days sale until April 6th 2014, there are only select items at the maximum 60% off, but there were loads in the appliance sale when I checked which will be welcome news to those moving home soon.

How are you planning on losing weight this year?

East Side Marios Coupon

March 25, 2014, Posted By Stephen

East Side Marios Coupon

I have never eaten at East Side Marios before. But by signing up to their newsletter they sometimes send you the occasional free coupon. There is a restaurant locator on the link provided for customers to find their local restaurant, it looks like they have locations all across Canada. Otherwise you have a little while to enjoy this online coupon I found today:

Details: $15 off when you order $30 worth of food at East Side Marios online.
Expires: 12th June, 2014
Visit East Side Marios here

This is an absolutely ridiculous coupon. 50% off food is crazy. I don’t think they will make any money on this offer at all. But perhaps they are hoping to drum up some new customers. There were no T&C’s I could find with this coupon, so I’m not sure if it applies to delivery or taxes or not, but regardless, this is the best coupon I’ve found this week so far. Enjoy.

Joe Fresh: $10 Off Purchases Over $50

March 24, 2014, Posted By Stephen

Joe Fresh

The fabulous people over at Joe Fresh sent us an offer today and we couldn’t be happier. The offer is a coupon code (rare) for $10 off kids, toddler and baby items over the price of $50 (before tax). I believe that if you actually qualify for this coupon you will also automatically qualify for free shipping which activates on purchases over $50 anyway, so double deal. Normally we have printable coupons too, but not this time. This is an online exclusive offer.

Details: $10 off purchases of kids, baby and toddler purchases over $50
Expires: 29th March, 2014
Visit Joe Fresh Canada here

The code works for boys and girls. There are loads of items to choose from like these cool board shorts for boys. What will you get?

Toronto Zoo Free Tickets

March 20, 2014, Posted By Stephen

Toronto Zoo Free Tickets

At last a deal for teachers. My mum is a teacher and I think teachers get a raw deal, and apparently so does Toronto Zoo. On Teacher’s Day – April 27th 2014 the Toronto Zoo will be giving away free admission to teachers. All you need to do (so no cheaters can claim it) is to pre-register and present your Teachers Card or even a Teachers Federation Card at the entrance, and as a bonus you get to bring 1 guest for free too! So if you know a teacher see if you can persuade them to take you.

There will be mini events like discovering “how to take your students’ learning to a brand new level within the Toronto Zoo’s natural setting with all of the animals and exhibits. The Toronto Zoo will also have educational booths located in the main courtyard for more learning opportunities about the school programs and teacher resources.”

Toronto Zoo PDF Details
Expires: April 27th, 2014

Free Pampers Gifts To Grow Points

March 18, 2014, Posted By Stephen

Free Pampers Gifts To Grow Points

Here is how you get your free “Pampers gifts to grow points “. Go to and enter the following codes (for free);

- REGBRU5E4CPA79D gets customers 10 points (4/7/14)
- TWITNWRK893E014 gets customers 5 points (4/7/14)
- FBAPRL892BLE014 gets customers 10 points (4/3/14)
- FB89SPRIN231P14 gets customers 10 points (3/22/14)
- FB897PATR349A14 gets customers 10 points (3/19/14)

Any more codes are welcome, feel free to send them our way to share with the group

Unreliable Codes

- TWIT1112PRT9W12 gets customers 5 points
- TWIT713TR39TR12 gets customers 5 points
- FB9CANDATXDY912 gets customers 10 points
- SPC921FAL12PAMP gets customers 10 points
- TWIT912PT7DN912 gets customers 5 points
- SEPTFALL12SPNML gets customers 10 points
- FB9TLABDAXB3912 gets customers 10 points
- FB8THXHAXTW7412 gets customers 10 points
- TWIT812PT6NWK12 gets customers 5 pointss
- FBOLYMPICS72712 gets customers 10 points
- TWIT712PT4XD912 gets customers 10 points
- SPC717SUM12PAMP gets customers 10 points
- FBCADX4RHXU7112 gets customers 10 points
- FBFADX4WKHU4712 gets customers 10 points
- CABRANDSVRJUN12 gets customers 10 points
- FB4CHILD23DAY12 gets customers 10 points
- FB4DAGSCR6WDP12 gets customers 10 points
- NUM1HOSPLCHOICE gets customers 10 points
- CABRANDSVRAPR12 gets customers 10 points
- FB1DSPKKGA4PD12 gets customers 10 points
- FBSTPPKKGA3M412 gets customers 10 points
- TWITM7TWRFGTH12 gets customers 5 points
- FBLD229AWE4VB12 gets customers 10 points
- FBFAMDBD99KAY12 gets customers 10 points
- FBPRE9BD99DAY12 gets customers 10 points
- FBVAL9BD99DAY12 gets customers 10 points
- TWITL9E8XAGTG12 gets customers 5 points
- TWIT12AXPWL2011 gets customers 5 points
- FAC1011PR46DYHD gets customers 10 points
- 2BEGINEARNING10 gets customers 10 points
- FAC911PTXD36Y6J gets customers 10 points
- JRYHAFFCR6WDPHY gets customers 10 points
- PAMPERS4MOMJFM1 gets customers 10 points
- NC3XPM9YRD49EMT gets customers 10 points
- GIFTSTOGROW4MOM gets customers 50 points
- 2BEGINEARNING50 gets customers 50 points
- welcome2pampers gets customers 50 points
- GTGCOUPONPOINTS gets customers 10 points
- VMF776C7HMXXT4A gets customers 42 points
- 15GTGSUMMERFUN gets customers 15 points
- 25GTGSUMMER2010 gets customers 25 points
- GETSTARTEDNOW10 gets customers 10 points
- GROWWITHVILLAGE gets customers 10 points
- GTGLEARNMORE089 gets customers 10 points
- GTGPLAY3USA2010 gets customers 30 points
- GTGSPRINGFREE10 gets customers 10 points
- GTGSUMMERFUN5PT gets customers 5 points
- JOINTHEFUNGTG09 gets customers 10 points
- JunFacebook2010 gets customers 10 points
- OHAMANDAAWGTG08 gets customers 10 points
- THRIFTYMOMMYGTG gets customers 10 points
- WELCOME2GTG2010 gets customers 10 points
- Welcome2Village gets customers 10 points
- XKCMYXFVD96VXVK gets customers 10 points

If you didn’t know Pampers Gifts to Grow is a program where you can earn points towards educational toys, books, and more with every purchase of Pampers diapers, pants, and wipes you buy. Once you sign up customers can also take advantage of being entered into their annual competition in order to win a years supply of diaper.

Click here to get your free Pampers Gifts To Grow Points

- See the Huggies free points post

Cozy Up With Garage’s 30% Off And Free Shipping On Sale Items

March 16, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Garage 30% Off

For many, the Spring season symbolizes the transition into a variety of fashions from skimping down to skinny jeans and much more. Get yourself, or perhaps the young fashionista in your family, ready for this season’s warmer days with Garage’s 30% off and free shipping on all sale items.

Get 30% off sale items along with free shipping
Expires: 17th March, 2014

JacketFunky denim jackets are the kind of wardrobe staple item that simply never goes out of style. I know people who have had one for over 10 years and still get compliments on it. The perfect light weight parker is great for achieving the same kind of fab style minus the heavy price tag of heavier fabric.

The light knit eternity scarf can also come in handy for those who don’t handle the transition from Winter to Spring very well — and really, who does handle it well? More often than not we get caught out in the rain or the snow or the cold when we least expect it.

Shawl Collar ShrugPersonally, I’m always cold at the office, which is exactly why I think the shawl collar shrug may help to stay toasty. At $34.93 with the discount, it would be great for staying cozy or even for relaxing at home with a cup of cocoa. Plus, since it’s made primarily of cotton means that it definitely will be keeping you warm.

In case you happen to miss this sale, be sure to use our Exclusive to save 15% off all regularly priced merchandise at Garage.

What are your favorite Spring styles to wear?

La Vie En Rose’s Buy 1, Get 2 Cotton Affair & Other Specials

March 12, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

La Vie En Rose Offers

Typically, we hear of deals such as “buy one, get one free” but “buy one, get two free” is definitely something special! For a limited time, shop La Vie En Rose’s Cotton Affair and get just that: two free items with purchase of just one! Shipping is also free on orders of $75 or more.

It’s only one of three other ways to save, all of which are also available at our La Vie En Rose store page:

  • Get 2 panties for $20
  • Buy any 2 pieces of Beachwear for $29
  • Enjoy a “buy one, get one 50% off” deal on swimsuits
  • Spend $50 and enjoy $25 off your next order

Shop at La Vie En Rose
Expires: 30th March, 2014

Woven Plaid BoxersSheep Time CamiSheep tight in the Sheep Time Cami which displays the words: “Beauty and the beach”. Pair it with the ultra-comfy plaid woven boxers. I actually purchased these during La Vie En Rose’s last sale and they have definitely become by go-to pair of shorts for wearing around the house!

Tie Dye Bikini TopThe Summer season is not so far away, so there is nothing is stopping you from getting ready for either Summer 2015 or a vacation down South this winter with the Tiedye bikini top, which can be worn in 5 different ways! Don’t forget to take advantage of the deal mentioned above and getting the soft bandeau bikini top or any other swimwear piece for 50% off!

Have you ever shopped at La Vie En Rose? Share with us your experience!

Banana Republic Canada Winter Sale: Save 50% Site-Wide

March 11, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

30% off at Banana Republic Canada

There is still time left to pick up some great pieces for the winter season at a fraction of the price. Since most stores, including Banana Republic, are pushing out their stock to make room for their spring collection, grab a comfortable sweater or pullover from the sale section and enjoy 50% off site-wide when you spend $100 or more.

If this offer isn’t the one you were searching for, maybe our Banana Republic Canada coupon page has what it takes.

Details: Save 50% off your entire order on purchases over $100
Expires: 12th March, 2014
Visit Banana Republic here

Did you know that Banana Republic also offers a nice selection of shoes, handbags and accessories along with their clothing line?Banana Republic Item Add a pop of color with this aqua bracelet to any outfit for a bonus touch. At $55.00, its final price after the rebate is $27.50. If turquoise isn’t your shade, there are quite a few accessories to choose from.

Jackets are versatile in many ways: from casual, business and even evening wear. Before the rebate this cotton jacket is $149.97, and after it’s $75.

Shipping and returns are free over $50. Sometimes you can also combine your orders from this brand’s other websites (Gap and Old Navy Canada) instead of having to separate orders, but not always.

Winter Specials at Roots With an Extra 20% Off Sale Items!

March 10, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Roots Canada Extra 20% Off

Winter specials are officially on and on top of offering an extra 20% off already reduced styles, Roots Canada has a number of other great items on sale from Women’s, Men’s , Kid’s and even leather items at 20% off the sale price. We don’t know when this sale ends, so hurry.

roots ipad case

Save an extra 20% on sale items
Expires: While supplies last

Perfect for those that like a little bit of class in their iPad case, this leather Roods case is down from $108 to $76.99 in the sale, and then in the extra sale customers can get it for $61.59. This will surely stand out as a classy find. Still a little pricy for some peoples tastes, but it is leather, so it might be a good gift.

skinny jeans

These Roots skinny Jeans, dubbed the Riley 5 pocket, is a steal from the original price of $98, to the sale price of $39.98 and with this extra 20% off it’s all the way down to $31.98! Now that’s a steal for some real style.

Hurry while quantities last!

Click here for more insight into Roots Canada’s ongoing promotions.

Lunapads New Promo Codes

March 9, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC


Lunapads now has great coupon codes and offers for all of their products. This Canadian company offers natural menstrual products, so sorry guys this post is just for girls ;) They sell eco-friendly alternatives to tampons and pads to better health of women and the planet. We’ve already talked about this company in previous post, but I think it’s worth having another chat about them.

If you’re tired of spending money each month for tampons and pads, then look to their website, they have really good products for us girls. You can order a kit of products for $77.94 (without our coupon discount) that will last you a really long time. So not only will you stop throwing your tampons and pads in landfills every month, but you will also save money in the end. I really like their products and I think that cloth pads are a good option if you’re concerned about using organic products and about the planet’s well-being as well.

Details: 15% off purchases
Expires: 10th March, 2014
Visit Lunapads Canada here

If you’re not sure if you’re going to like it or not, you can always order a sampler pack on their website, they usually have offers on these kits to introduce you to the concept.

Shipping is free in the U.S. and Canada on orders over $75.

Party All Night with La Senza’s Up to 30% Off Discount

March 7, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Up to 30% off at La Senza

Shop at La Senza tonight and save on your favorite lingerie! Speaking of which ladies, lingerie can be worn even if you’re the only person who will see it. You never know who you’ll meet, so you need to always be prepared!

Details: 30% off everything
Expires: 7th March 2014 (1am EST)
Visit La Senza here

La Senza MakeUp Bag
Shipping is only $9 so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get some serious discounts. But for arguments sake I would look into this bra sale which is a buy one get one for $10 which isn’t too shabby.

I quite like this cute printed make-up bag to store all of your daily essentials in. It also comes in various sizes.

One of my favorite deals of all time is the 7 for $28 on cotton panties! And don’t forget to pair it with the 3 sexy panties for $27.

Will you be shopping at La Senza today?

Travel for Less With Via Rail; Enjoy 50% off Select Fares March 2014

March 5, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Via Rail Sale

There’s still time left to finalize those holiday plans in the next few months. Thanks to Via Rail, they are offering your wallets a break by giving you another chance to take advantage of economy fares. Enjoy 50% off economy adult fare or the adult regular fare (includes sleeper and sleeper plus classes) for travel on select routes across Canada. Don’t forget to bookmark our Via Rail page for all the best deals and the latest offers—which this is one of.

Visit Via Rail online to find out more
Book by: 9th March, 4014. Travel by 15th June, 2014

Just to give you an idea of the breakdown of one-way fares:

  • Business class between Toronto and Windsor: $56
  • Economy class between Toronto and Montreal: $78
  • Economy class between Toronto and Vancouver: $434
  • Economy class between Montreal and Halifax: $119

Contribute To A Great Cause And Get $10 Off At The Same Time With Toms Shoes

March 4, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Toms Shoes 10% Off

Update: New 15% off code added!

Although surely a rare few may argue against this, nowadays shoes are as essential as breathing, especially during our daily commutes to the workplace, store and so forth. Support a great cause, the One For One campaign, which donates a pair of shoes for every pair bought and save $10 off and get absolutely free shipping at Toms Shoes. But hurry, this offer won’t last long and you definitely don’t want to miss it, as it’s the best offer they have ever released!

Details: Enjoy 15% off
Expires: 8th March, 2014
Visit Toms Shoes here
Details: Enjoy $5 off purchases over $25
Expires: 31st March, 2014
Visit Toms Shoes here
Details: Enjoy $10 off purchases over $100
Expires: 31st March, 2014
Visit Toms Shoes here

Perfectly matching the newly released iPhone 5c, the red cleas displayed below are sure to brighten your young one’s days with their brightly colored design.

Red CleaNot only are they sure to be comfortable and provide proper support, but you can also rest assured knowing that these unique shoes are completely vegan friendly. This means that absolutely no animal products have been used in its production.

Nepal BootsAnother perfectly timed coincidence –though of course it’s no coincidence at all– are the super stylish nepal boots in chestnut suede. They’re sure to look great with any Fall style — from the oversized sweaters to scarves and the cute berets– especially with their versatility since the collar can be folded down. Even better is that with Nepalese-inspired trim, moccasin whip-stitching and fleece lining, your feet stay toasty in style!

Stay tuned for more of Toms Shoes promotions and hottest offers with our page dedicated to all of their latest discounts.

Spend $75 and Get a Free $25 Cash Card from the Garage

March 3, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Deals at Garage

Even if you don’t have kids or teenagers at home, you can still shop at the Garage for clothing that you can wear for those lazy days or much about afternoons. You know, those days spend lounging around doing nothing except checking our Garage coupon page….or doing something boring like cleaning.

So the deal is that customers can get a $25 cash card when they spend $75 or more at or in store. This offer expires at the end of March, but only redeemable between Monday, April 14, 2014 to Sunday, April 27, 2014 with the purchase of $60 and more. There is a maximum of 6 cash cards per customer on every purchase of $75 or more of regular, sale and promotional merchandise, after discounts and before taxes).

Visit Garage Online
Expires: March 31, 2014

Shop online or in-store and you’ll ‘automagically’ get this super neat cash card. We all know that we will never have enough jeans and hoodies.

Garage JeansMake sure to check out the other two sales going on right now: free shipping (until March 10th) and their regular sales page (which still had a ton of merchandise left the last time I checked). I love the Tank tops for when I feel like being stylish and layer my clothing, and the tees are super comfy.

Save up to $10 on your Next Purchase at Teavana

March 2, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Up to $10 off at Teavana

Slip into some sweats, grab your favorite tea, and take a few minutes to yourself. While you relax, why not order some more of that deliciously good brew from Teavana? With a wide selection of tea flavors of all kinds, as well as enough accessories for all of your tea-brewing needs, Teavana is a haven for tea-lovers. On top of it all, we’re here to help you save up to $10 with a fantastic coupon.

If you’re looking for other savings to put into your infuser, stop at our Teavana coupon page for more.

Details: Get $10 off when you spend $60 or more
Expires: 31st March, 2014
Visit Teavana here

TeavanaAs a bonus, a free tea sample is even included with your order! This month’s freebie is the rambunctious Maharaka Chai/Samurai Chai Tea blend. If that doesn’t make you want to bust our your ninja skills, then I don’t know what will!

My awesome co-workers actually gave me a tea infuser for the holidays just like the one on the right. Perfect for a cup of tea, this Remi glass tea mug also comes with a stainless steel infuser that is super easy to clean. Watching the tea infuse into your glass is rather neat and I found myself trying different teas just to see the effects for myself. It’s dishwasher safe, which is also a huge advantage. This infuser can be yours for $19.95 and is well worth the price.

Shipping is free with on orders over $50. Might as well go that extra mile and pick up $60 worth of merchandise and use the code above to save $10! It’s like you’re getting $10 worth of free stuff.

What will you be getting at Teavana?

Born To Be Wild: Save an Extra 30% Off Sale Items at Forever 21

March 1, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Forever 21 Extra 30% Off

With all these great deals everywhere, I’m amazed at how we are making it through the Winter! As it stands, it would seem that March may just very well be the best month of the Winter to shop because of the countless sales on sales. In fact, during the next few days, use the code below to save an extra 30% off already reduced styles at Forever 21 for women, men and girls!

In case you miss this sale, be sure to check our Forever 21 page for the latest discounts and promotions.

Details: Get an extra 30% off sale items
Expires: 2nd March, 2014
Visit Forever 21 here

leather kicksUltimate walking comfort can be difficult to achieve, so try these leather kicks and let us know if they become your favorite pair of shoes! They certainly look like they might, especially with the padded insole and mostly leather production.

Animal Print JumpsuitDare to be wild in the tie-dye skinny jeans featured on the right. While it might not suit many fashion styles, those looking to make a statement or even try something new this year can sure do so with this unique piece from Forever 21, which already reduced to $19.99, can be had for just $14. Alternatively, the beaded goddess mini skirt could also be another outrageous way to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re shopping for your daughter, then stop what you’re doing and take a look at the garden girl sweatshirt, which would not only help you save a pretty penny but also would let your little one look positively adorable.

Penningtons’ Customer Appreciation Offer: 30% Off All Sale Items

February 27, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Penningtons' Customer Appreciation Day

Feeling fabulous has never been as easy as with Pennington’s online store. Part of the Reitman’s fashion group, they offer some of the most stylish plus-sized fashions and because of their complete dedication to customer satisfaction, you can save 30% off all clearance items.

Save during Penningtons’ 30% off clearance items sale
Expires: Not Provided

Miracle PantsBottom line is that clothes are actually one of girls’ best friends because of the sheer versatility they provide. Certain colors such as black have a slimming effect, while patterned shirts and dresses can create an hourly shape. The key element to remember however, is that everyone’s body is different and while an item might look great on one person, it might be mediocre on someone else.

This is why we encourage everyone to go out of their comfort zones and to try something new — you never know how something you’re not used to might actually have an amazing effect!

For an instantly slimming effect, the miracle slightly curvy pant would look great and even more significant is its slimming secret mesh panel that flattens your tummy and flatters your figure.

Printed BlouseWhile some advice columns may discourage wearing prints as they may create unwanted effects, the easy-care printed blouse in a deep turquoise is quite lovely and is perfect for an evening out or could even look great for the office.

Don’t forget that the right accessories are just as important as the clothes themselves and the metal feather bracelet would look absolutely gorgeous with any outfit, so much so, that I’ve already bought it!

Supplies are limited, so shop fast if you’re interested.

Let us know in the comments section below which items caught your eye!

Some Fresh Discounts to Wet your Appetite

February 26, 2014, Posted By Stephen Sale

So I have a tasty treat for you today. I have one offer in particular and I thought I would jot down a couple of valid coupons I tested too just to sweeten the deal for you.

If you can spot the deal in the image above then you have a head start on what I’m talking about. Until God knows when Domino’s are offering BOGOF on any pizza, absolutely any pizza you want–but it must be on Tuesdays. The price obviously has to be the menu price and it can’t be used in conjunction with any other offers (like the coupons I have put below for you). And with over 370 locations across the country I don’t think it will be hard to find one that will deliver to you either.

Details: Buy any Pizza and get a second Pizza of equal or lesser value for absolutely free. Only valid on Tuesdays)
Expires: Not Provided
Visit Domino’s here

You can use their website, their flyer or their new app for android and iphone to order your pizza. I have to say I have used the app a couple of times and it is kind of fun. But to have it there on your phone or tablet all the time is just too easy and tempting, so better use the website instead. After all, treating ourselves every now and then is okay, but we can’t do it all the time. Speaking of which I read a thread on reddit talking about the blotting of pizzas and how much fat it really takes off, I can’t link to the article because sometimes they swear on the community site (if you’re interested then you can google it), but I found a short and sweet one from CNN health that basically repeated it, saying that blotting a pizza with a napkin does remove about 20-50 calories from the pizza without really affecting the taste in a bad way, so why not give that a try if you are feeling overly guilty about taking that extra slice.

You may want to see if these coupons still work too:

Details: 2 medium 3-topping pizzas & some cheesy bread for only $19.99.
Expires: Not Provided
Visit Domino’s here
Details: 1 medium feast pizza for only $9.99.
Expires: Not Provided
Visit Domino’s here

I took the above coupons form our dedicated Domino’s Pizza coupons page

Transform Your Memories with 20% Off Photo Books at Picaboo

February 23, 2014, Posted By Friends of VC

Picaboo Save 20%

Preserving pictures is just as important as taking them. Picaboo simplifies the process with quality products and an easy to use online interface to help showcase your finest memories and for a limited time, you can save 20% on a range of merchandise.

Details: Enjoy 20% off calendars, home decor, cards, photo panels & $30-50 off photo books
Expires: 24th February, 2014
Visit Picaboo here

Available in hardcover or softcover, Picaboo’s classic photo books are the perfect way to record life’s more important moments. For expecting parents, pictures can be taken on a weekly basis of the growing baby bump, along with notes and mementos to the child for when he or she gets older.

Imagine telling your child later on: “hey, you’ve been to Cuba — only thing is that you were in mommy’s belly at the time.”

Whichever way you choose to use the photo book, whether for a baby shower, a wedding, or perhaps to record your child’s first years, it’s sure to become one of the family’s treasures.

And the best part? Picaboo Desktop, a free application for both PC and Mac’s, makes it absolutely easy to create your very own treasures.

Picaboo Desktop Layout

Let us know on our Facebook page how you’ll be using Picaboo to transform your memories.